Home Fashion Digestion will be boosted without medicines, there will be no problem of flatulence and sour belching

Digestion will be boosted without medicines, there will be no problem of flatulence and sour belching

Digestion will be boosted without medicines, there will be no problem of flatulence and sour belching

Stomach Bloating: Flatulence, heaviness in the stomach or feeling sleepy shortly after eating food… these are some of the symptoms, which point towards slow digestion. These problems not only have a bad effect on health, the productivity of your daily life also decreases. That’s why it is necessary to boost digestion. If you want, you can improve your digestion even without taking medicines, and for this you just have to keep in mind the basic rules of eating while eating…

How to improve digestion without medicines?

The basic rule of eating is made up of 5 small points. If you keep these small things in mind every time while eating food, your digestion will improve without medicines.

1. Have a sit down meal

While eating food, sit at one place and eat. Eating while standing is not beneficial for health in any way. Whenever you are at home, try to sit on the floor and eat food in traditional Indian style.

2. Keep the mind calm

You may find it strange that what a calm mind has to do with digestion. But the calmness of the mind while eating is directly related to digestion. Because when you eat with a calm mind, the secretion of hormones required to digest food and boost digestion in the body takes place properly and the balance of Acid-Alkali is maintained.

3. Do not take dental work from intestines
Food should always be eaten slowly and chewed thoroughly. It is recommended in Ayurveda to chew one core 32 times for proper digestion. Although we know that doing so is not possible for everyone in today’s time. But you must eat the food after chewing it properly so that the ground and soft food reaches the intestines and your intestines do not have to do the work of the teeth, that means you do not have to work hard to grind the food. Doing this will also boost digestion.

4. The brain needs time

Whatever you eat, it takes 20 minutes for the brain to register that food, understand its correct quantity and nutrition etc. Only then your brain is able to give you the signal that the bus is not needed anymore. But when you eat food very quickly, while watching TV or mobile, then by the time the brain gives you the signal to fulfill your need, you have overeating.

5. Use of Enzymes and Senses

While chewing the food properly, the enzymes produced in the mouth help a lot in digesting it. Also, when you eat food with all your senses i.e. senses i.e. seeing, smelling, feeling, tasting etc., then the body is able to absorb the nutrients from this food very well and this also improves digestion.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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