Eat stale rice in this way in summer, you will get relief in these diseases

Eat stale rice in this way in summer, you will get relief in these diseases

Basi Chawal Benefits: Doctors always forbid to eat stale food. But people’s perception about stale rice is slightly different. In many parts of India, people eat stale rice with water. It is a custom. So some eat it considering it good for health. Stale rice is very beneficial for health. Know the benefits of eating stale rice.

You will get relief in ulcer disease

Eating stale rice gives a lot of relief in ulcer disease. If you are suffering from ulcer, first of all fill water in an earthen vessel and then keep stale rice in it. There will be a chemical reaction in it overnight. After which fermentation will happen. Eat stale rice in this way 2-3 times a week, you will get immense relief in serious diseases like ulcer. 

If you eat stale rice in summer, then body heat will be under control.

Stale rice has a cooling effect. If you eat stale rice daily during summer, then the body temperature always remains under control. Along with this, your stomach also remains cool. During summer, both the body and the stomach become very hot. In such a situation, stale rice daily works to keep your stomach cool. 

Relieves constipation

People who have complaints of constipation must eat stale rice. This will end their constipation problem. Because the amount of fiber in stale rice is very high. If you eat a cup of stale rice daily, then the complaint of constipation goes away forever. 

Stop drinking tea and coffee too

According to health experts, if you have I am addicted to drinking tea or coffee many times, so try eating stale rice. This is very beneficial. Eating stale rice in the morning also helps you get rid of tea-coffee addiction. 

Beneficial in glowing skin

If you eat stale rice, Along with cleaning the stomach, it also makes your skin shiny. The nutrients found in it keep your body clean from inside. 

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, consult a doctor or related expert. Take advice from.

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