‘I will meet you in 90 years.’ Daughter Vanshika read emotional letter on Satish Kaushik’s birth anniversary

‘I will meet you in 90 years.’  Daughter Vanshika read emotional letter on Satish Kaushik’s birth anniversary

Vanshika On Satish Kaushik Birth Anniversary: Veteran actor-director of Bollywood Satish Kaushik died of a heart attack last month. His sudden death had shocked everyone. On the other hand, the family and friends of the late actor celebrated his birth anniversary in Mumbai. The emotional evening was hosted by Satish’s close friend Anupam Kher and his wife Shashi, 10-year-old daughter Vanshika and another close friend Anil Kapoor.

During this everyone remembered the moments spent with Satish. At the same time, the actor’s daughter Vanshika read a letter on her father’s birth anniversary which she had written for her father at the time of his cremation. This letter of Vanshika made everyone’s eyes moist.

Daughter Vanshika read the letter in Satish’s birth anniversary program
Please tell that Satish Kaushik died in Gurugram on March 9 and his last rites were performed in Mumbai. When the actor’s body was being taken for cremation, his daughter Vanshika wrote a letter for him. This letter was also cremated along with the body. At the same time, Anupam had asked Vanshika what she had written in that letter and Vanshika replied that she would read it at the right time. Last evening, Kaushik’s close friends gathered to pay tribute to him, on this occasion, Vanshika read the clicked picture of the original letter on the stage from the phone.

Vanshika wrote in her letter that I cannot live without you.
At an event organized to mark the birth anniversary of Satish Kaushish, 10-year-old Vanshika read out her letter to her father, “Hello papa, I know you are no more but I want you to know this,” reports E Times. Take that I will always be with you, Your friends taught me to be strong but I can’t live without you. I miss you so much. If I knew this was going to happen, I would have skipped school just to spend time with you I miss you. I wish I could hug you once. You are still in my heart as we see in the movies. I wish there was a miracle and you were alive.”

Vanshika promises to meet her father after 90 years
Vanshika’s loving and emotional letter brought tears to everyone present there. She further read, “I don’t know who will save me from mumma when I don’t do my homework. I don’t feel like going to school anymore . I don’t know what my friends will say. What if they make fun of me.” Please come in my dreams every day. I have worshiped you and I want you to live in heaven and live a happy life in a big mansion with a Rolls-Royce, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. You will eat very good food. We will meet again in 90 years. Please don’t take birth again. I will meet you in 90 years. Please remember me, I will always remember you. I had the best father in the world.

Vanshika told her favorite memories with her father
At the event, Anupam asked Vanshika about her favorite memory spent with her father. To this Vanshika said, “When I was not in a good mood and he used to say to me Vanshika do you want to go on a lunch date with JW Marriott? And then he would take me there. He would make me laugh with his funny antics. Te. Dance films, apart from this, when mother used to scold me, he used to secretly do my maths homework.

Anupam and Satish’s other friends have assured Vanshika and his wife Shashi that they will always be with them. Anupam has also taken a promise from Vanshika that she will call him every evening.

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