Increased confidence of investors in Mutual Funds, for the first time SIP at a record level of 14 thousand crores

Increased confidence of investors in Mutual Funds, for the first time SIP at a record level of 14 thousand crores

Mutual Funds: The number of retail investors is increasing rapidly. According to the March data of AMFI, investment through SIP and investment in equity funds have registered a record increase. Despite the ups and downs in the market, the monthly investment through the Mutual Fund Systematic Investment Plan has crossed the Rs 14,000 crore mark for the first time in March. Apart from this, the inflow in equity mutual funds has been 31 per cent higher.

The SIP inflow during the last month was Rs 13,686 crore and this month it has gone up to Rs 14,276 crore. Net debt fund outflow increased by 311 per cent during the same period from Rs 13,815 crore to Rs 56,884 crore. Large cap, dividend yield funds and ELSS funds can be held responsible for a large number of inflows into equity funds.

Which fund has the highest inflow

Last month the inflow in large caps was Rs 353 crore and this month it is Rs 911 crore. The Dividend Yield Fund was Rs 47.9 crore in February, while it is Rs 3715 crore this month. Similarly, ELSS funds saw an inflow of Rs 2,685 crore as against an inflow of Rs 981 crore. Apart from this, index mutual funds have also seen a huge jump in their net inflows from Rs 6,244 crore during February to Rs 27,228 crore in March, a growth of 336 per cent.

Doubled the number of SIP accounts

There were only 3 crore SIP accounts in March 2020, but now these accounts have more than doubled. Right now the total registered account is 6.4, in which a total of 22 lakh accounts have been added in March 2023. 24 new fund offers of open-ended schemes and 21 closed-ended schemes have also been launched in the month of March.

Net inflow of Rs 2 lakh crore

Data shows that for FY2023, equity mutual funds have seen a net inflow of Rs 2 lakh crore. 15,600 crore in corporate bond schemes, Rs 6,500 crore in banking and PSU and Rs 5,661 crore in dynamic bond funds.

debt fund schemes

In debt fund schemes, there has been maximum outflow of Rs 56,924 crore in liquid funds. After this the money market fund has been Rs 11,421 crore.

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