Mandira’s love connection was linked to the audition, this is how Dilwale Ban Raj brought the bride

Mandira’s love connection was linked to the audition, this is how Dilwale Ban Raj brought the bride

Mandira Bedi Raj Kaushal: Mandira Bedi, who injured people sometimes on the film screen and sometimes in the cricket ground with her beauty, is not dependent on any identity. Considering her immense understanding of cricket and her contribution in the field of art, it would not be wrong to call Mandira a beauty with brain. The person whose name was the heartbeat of Mandira, who increased the heartbeat of millions of people on the screen, was Raj Kaushal. Of course, Raj Kaushal, who promised seven births, has now left Mandira, but the love of both is still young in the heart of the actress. Today, on the occasion of Mandira’s birthday, let’s take her on the journey of her film love story…

first meeting like this

Raj Kaushal had knocked on Mandira Bedi’s heart in a filmy way. Actually, a boy came in Mandira’s life, who was already impressed by her work and personality. The effect of that effect was doubled when both collided with each other. Raj and Mandira’s first meeting was not at a Bollywood party, but during an audition. It was a matter of those days, when Raj was taking auditions for the TV show ‘Philips-10’. Mandira reached here to audition and both of them fell in love. Raj Kaushal was impressed by Mandira’s work in ‘Shanti’ and ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’.

Raj falls in love with Mandira

When Raj Kaushal saw Mandira in front for the first time during the audition of ‘Phillips-10’, he fell in love with her. In the very first meeting, Raj and Mandira had a special place in each other’s hearts. What was it then that both started dating. By the end of the year 1996, both became serious for each other. After just three meetings, both had accepted each other as their life partner. Mandira may have lost to Simran in ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’, but in real life she had found her secret. Within three meetings, Mandira’s spell on Raj was such that he did not take any time to introduce the actress to her parents.

When it was difficult to persuade Mandira’s father

Raj Kaushal’s parents, who love Mandira like a crazy person, immediately agreed to the relationship. However, the biggest challenge of this relationship was to convince Mandira’s parents, as they wished that they would get their daughter married only to the director. Raj made a lot of papad to persuade them, after which both agreed to marry. Raj and Mandira took seven rounds on Valentine’s Day and held each other’s hand forever.

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