Pakistan ready to go beyond limits for IMF bailout fund, now said this big thing

Pakistan ready to go beyond limits for IMF bailout fund, now said this big thing

IMF Bailout Fund: Inflation is a heavy pressure on the residents of Pakistan. Every day inflation is making a new record. Meanwhile, Pakistan is making every possible effort to get the bailout fund from the International Monetary Fund. Now once again the matter of fulfilling the demand has been reiterated from the side of Pakistan.

According to a Reuters report, in a meeting with the IMF on Thursday, it was said that Pakistan is ready to meet every requirement for bailout funds. This country, which is going through a financial crisis, is waiting for the bailout fund since November last year. This fund package is 1.1 billion dollars.

Pakistan government fully ready for bailout

During the year 2019, a bailout fund of $ 6.5 billion was approved for Pakistan by the IMF, out of which $ 1.1 billion was said to be released. Now Pakistan is ready to impose any kind of charge to get it. The statement from Pakistan’s Finance Ministry said that all work for the 9th review has been completed and the Government of Pakistan is committed to fulfilling its obligations agreed with the IMF.

IMF official supported bailout

The statement said that discussions included economic and financial policies, reforms and initiatives to implement ongoing IMF programmes. Antoinette Moniso Syah, deputy managing director at the IMF, has expressed confidence in working together and the signing could happen soon. The Finance Minister of Pakistan said that all international obligations have been fulfilled on time.

Heavy tax on these things in Pakistan

Pakistan has imposed heavy taxes in the country to unlock funds from IMF’s $6.5 billion loan. People are paying more tax on electricity. Along with this, many policy measures have been implemented with high interest rates for 25 years.

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