Quit Sense: Want to quit smoking? This AI app will help, how?

Quit Sense: Want to quit smoking?  This AI app will help, how?

Quit Sense AI Application: Technology is changing day by day and new things are coming out. Last year, Chat GPT created a sensation in the market and since then artificial intelligence has been in constant discussion. Meanwhile, another news related to Artificial Intelligence is coming out which will surprise you. Actually, now with the help of an artificial intelligence app, people can forget the habit of smoking cigarettes. Yes, British researchers have developed a mobile application that will help you when you feel like smoking a cigarette. Know how.

Researchers at the University of East Anglia have developed an artificial intelligence-based application called Quit Sense, which can instantly identify the location of people who smoke frequently. After identifying the location, this app starts showing different types of messages to them. Researchers believe that with the help of this app, people’s habit of cigarette smoking can be reduced because this app shows the message to the person when he is triggered for smoking.

British researchers said that people want to quit the habit of smoking cigarettes, but when they become addicted to it, they are triggered again and again. Especially when he is in such a place or with people where he usually smokes, then he gets triggered faster and then starts smoking. To deal with this problem, the Quit Sense app has been developed.

this is how it works

Researchers at the University of East Anglia have created an AI smartphone app called Quit Sense that displays messages to people based on their location, time and past smoking events. For testing this app, research selected 209 smokers through social media. These smokers were then sent a text message containing a link through which they could enroll in a treatment to quit smoking. This link had details of NHS online stop smoking support. Half of these people were also sent a link to the Quit Sense application. After 6 months follow-up was taken from the participant and those who had stopped smoking cigarettes, their ‘saliva sample’ was called for testing.

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The report of this study published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research shows that people who were offered the app gave up the habit of smoking cigarettes 4 times faster than normal. However, one limitation in this research was that out of 209 people, very few people had sent their saliva for testing. For the accurate data of this app, it is necessary for the test to be on a large level.

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