Rishi Sunak’s talk with PM Modi, now talks on trade agreement will speed up

Rishi Sunak’s talk with PM Modi, now talks on trade agreement will speed up

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) spoke to his British counterpart Rishi Sunak (UK PM Rishi Sunak) and during this it was agreed to speed up the ongoing talks between the two countries regarding the trade agreement. During this, both the leaders discussed about the opportunities that the Free Trade Agreement (India-UK FTA) opens up for the people and companies of both India and Britain. Britain’s Prime Minister’s Office (Britain PMO) has given this information.

Finance Minister denied

This talk has happened between the Prime Minister of India and Britain at a time when news of stalling of India’s trade talks (FTA Talks) with Britain on the issue of Khalistan was coming to the fore. Earlier, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has also commented about this. He made it clear that trade talks with any country have not stopped. He also said that talks are going on for Free Trade Agreements not only with Britain but also with Canada and the European Union.

Both countries benefit from FTA

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to his British counterpart Rishi Sunak and resolved to clear pending issues to speed up the ongoing FTA talks between the two countries, a PTI news quoted a spokesperson of the British PM’s office, Downing Street, as saying. but agreed. Both the leaders believe that if there is a proposed free trade agreement between India and Britain, it will open many opportunities for the people of both the countries as well as for the companies of both the countries.

so much business

A spokesperson for the UK’s Department for Business and Trade said both countries were committed to an ambitious and mutually beneficial FTA. The spokesperson also added that the two sides had held the latest round of talks last month itself. The spokesperson also said that in the year 2022, there was a trade of 34 billion pounds between the two countries. This was 10 billion pounds more than the year before.

These news increased relevance

This conversation between the two leaders becomes more relevant due to some recent news. In a section of the media, there were reports regarding the FTA that the Government of India has stopped the ongoing trade talks with Britain (India-UK Trade Talks) due to protests related to Khalistan. Supporters of Khalistan had staged a violent protest outside the Indian High Commission in London last month.

Last thing happened in February

First of all, the British newspaper The Times, citing senior sources in the British government, claimed that the Indian government has stopped the trade talks that started in January last year. Later, the news agency Reuters also carried the news of stalling the talks. The last round of talks between the two sides regarding the FTA was held on February 10. After that the meeting was to be held in March, which fell victim to the Khalistan dispute.

Finance Minister made this comment

Finance Minister Sitharaman, who went on a visit to America, also denied the news of stalling of talks. He had said about this, nowadays free trade agreements are being signed faster than before. We have recently completed one such agreement with Australia. Prior to that free trade agreements were signed with UAE, Mauritius and ASEAN. We have given the facility of quota-free and tariff free system to less developed countries. Negotiations are currently underway on free trade agreements with the UK, the European Union and Canada.

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