Sania Mirza gave gifts worth 1.21 lakh to MC Stan, the rapper said this to ‘Aapa’ ‘Tera Ghar going’

Sania Mirza gave gifts worth 1.21 lakh to MC Stan, the rapper said this to ‘Aapa’ ‘Tera Ghar going’

MC Stan Expensive Shoes-Goggles: MC Stan’s popularity has increased further since he came out of the Bigg Boss house after winning. MC Stan is busy with one or the other of his concerts. Not only do his fans come to watch his concerts, all his friends who have become friends in Bigg Boss also enjoy his shows and also take expensive gifts for him. But this time the gifts he has received are from a very special person. Sania Mirza has given tremendous gifts to MC Stan, which are worth lakhs. Ever since the MC has received these gifts from tennis player Sania Mirza, he cannot contain his happiness. In such a situation, he told his fans about this through a post.

You will be surprised to know the range of Sania Mirza’s gifts

A pair of shoes and a pair of goggles were found in the gift box that Sania Mirza gave to MC Stan. You will be shocked to hear the price of both these things. The shoes that Sania has given to MC Stan are worth 91 thousand. There are goggles worth 30 thousand. Sania has given Nike shoes to MC. Stan himself has told his fans about this. He had given information about this by posting on social media.

MC Stan calls Sania Mirza your own

MC Stan shared the pictures of all these gifts on Insta and thanked Sania Mirza. In his post, he addressed Sania Mirza as Aapa. So there he wrote together- ‘Tera Ghar will go in this. Thank you Aapa for this. Let me tell you, after the end of Bigg Boss season 16, MC Stan met Sania Mirza at Farah Khan’s party. At that time MC impressed Sania a lot with his gesture. After this, a deep relationship was formed between the two. Now MC Stan calls Sania Mirza as Aapa.

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