Sweden closes embassy in Pakistan, know the reason

Sweden closes embassy in Pakistan, know the reason

Embassy of Sweden in Pakistan: Sweden has closed its embassy in Pakistan indefinitely. The Swedish Embassy did not explain the threat in detail, but the political situation in Pakistan is getting worse due to the increasing tension between the Government of Pakistan and the Supreme Court.

The situation of anarchy remains in Pakistan. Pakistan is already going through an economic crisis. On top of that, the closure of the foreign embassy is not a good thing for the country in any way.

Citing security reasons in Islamabad
It is also being said that security reasons in Islamabad are also being cited as the reason for the closure of the embassy. There is no response from Sweden regarding when Sweden will reopen its embassy in Pakistan. The Migration Department is unable to handle any requests, which is why the Embassy of Sweden is closed to visitors indefinitely.

Safety of members first priority
The Swedish government issued a notice saying, “We cannot send any documents to our consulate.” We understand that this will be an inconvenience. However, the safety of our applicants and staff members is a top priority. It has also been said in the notice that any question regarding the reopening of the mission cannot be answered at the moment. Many people believe that this decision is related to the recent incident of burning of Quran in Sweden.

A Danish-Swedish far-right extremist burned a copy of the Koran in front of the Turkish embassy in Stockholm on 21 January under Swedish police protection, a move condemned by Muslims around the world.

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