The changing picture of Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, the road covered with glittering dust, know how?

The changing picture of Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, the road covered with glittering dust, know how?

Chandni Chowk News: Chandni Chowk market of Delhi is famous not only in the whole country but also in the world for its business and shopping. Everyday a large number of people come here for shopping. Apart from this, at the time of marriage and major festivals, the brightness and glare of this place increases further. In these areas, till some time ago dusty and lack of basic facilities were seen. At the same time, the pictures of Chandni Chowk are seen changing. Along with the red stone and lighting system on the side of the roads, other beautification works further enhance the beauty of this place.

Behind this has been the effort of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi for months, which is now visible on the ground. Now the picture of Chandni Chowk, a very busy area of ​​Delhi, has changed. Here, the work of cleanliness, lighting and beautification increases the dazzle of the area more than before. The workers posted here are seen ready day and night to clean the red stones lying on the pavements around the roads. The most important contribution of the electronic cleaning machine is behind this.

Cleaning is done by electronic cleaning machine

During a conversation with ABP Live, Supervisor Virendra Kumar told that for 7 months, cleaning work is done in the areas with the help of more than half a dozen electronic cleaning machines. Employees are always ready regularly for the work of cleanliness in the areas here. This is the reason that with the help of this modern electronic cleaning machine, now the picture of Chandni Chowk is seen changing completely. People coming from far off places are also attracted by its cleanliness and glamour.

Passengers said – change was very important

Sujit Awasthi, a shopkeeper present in Chandni Chowk area, told that the area has been rejuvenated in 7 to 8 months. Certainly the efforts of the government and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi can be seen here. It is definitely that a lot of change is needed right now. Due to the cleanliness, the visiting buyers are also very comfortable. Earlier also a large number of people used to come here for shopping, but due to dust and dirt, they had to face a lot of problems, but in the changing situation, the cleanliness here gives a lot of relief to the people.

‘Very relaxing picture’

Apart from this, Roshan Singh, who was present there told during the conversation that the changing picture here gives a lot of relief. People have been coming here for shopping in the markets for years, but now the arrangement of cleanliness, lighting and seating on the side of the footpath makes Chandni Chowk even more buzzing.

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