Watch: Brett Lee’s Car Chase By Enthusiastic RCB Fans In Mumbai, Video Goes Viral

Watch: Brett Lee’s Car Chase By Enthusiastic RCB Fans In Mumbai, Video Goes Viral

Former Australian fast bowler Brett Lee is currently in India as part of the digital broadcasting team for the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023. Despite being away from the game, Lee still enjoys a massive fan following in India, and his love for the country. has been expressed on several occasions in the past. Recently, Lee shared a heartwarming video on social media where he encountered two enthusiastic fans on a scooter, who were excited to catch a glimpse of him and take a selfie with him while he was driving through Mumbai.

The two men, one wearing a Royal Challengers Bangalore jersey, expressed their admiration for Lee, while he expressed his concern for their safety and advised them to ride safely and wear helmets. Despite Lee’s concern, the fans were still determined to take a picture with him, showing their passion for the game.

Lee shared the video on Twitter, which quickly went viral, with mixed reactions from netizens. While some praised the fans’ enthusiasm for the game and appreciated Lee’s use of Hindi during the conversation, others criticized the fans for not wearing helmets and being distracted while riding.

Meanwhile, during the Chennai Super Kings vs Rajasthan Royals match, Lee praised Sandeep Sharma’s performance, specifically his ability to bowl to MS Dhoni with a wet ball and the home crowd at Chepauk cheering for their skipper. Lee commended Sharma, saying, “Full credit to Sandeep Sharma, bowling with a wet ball to MS Dhoni who is on fire, they’ve got the whole crowd against them. He closed out the game under pressure, and that is absolutely hats off to him to win by three runs.”

Lee’s bond with India has grown strong over the years, and his love for the country and its people is evident in his interactions with fans and colleagues alike. His presence in the IPL as a commentator adds a new dimension to the game, and his insights and commentary are appreciated by fans all over the world.

Brett Lee’s encounter with two enthusiastic fans in Mumbai highlights his massive fan following in India, and his concern for their safety shows his genuine care for his fans. His contribution to the sport of cricket, both as a player and a commentator, has been immense, and his love for India and its people continues to grow stronger with each passing day.


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