When Saif Ali Khan apologized to Amrita Singh in front of the camera, know for what mistake he was ashamed

When Saif Ali Khan apologized to Amrita Singh in front of the camera, know for what mistake he was ashamed

Saif Ali Khan Apologized To Amrita Singh: Saif Ali Khan is today the husband of Kareena Kapoor and the married life of both is going on very happily. Kareena is Saif’s second wife, before that Amrita Singh used to be his Begum but after the divorce both of them separated. Saif got married after a long affair with Amrita. There was a long gap in the age of both, but this marriage lasted very well for 13 years. Today of course they have separated but stories of their love are heard from time to time.

When Saif apologized to Amrita Singh

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh fell in love with each other at first sight. Amrita was 13 years older than Saif, yet there was no dearth in their love. Both decided to live with each other and in 1991 both of them got married with pomp. Even today people smile after listening to one of their stories after marriage, when Saif apologized to Amrita in front of the camera for one of his mistakes.

Amrita and Saif’s love story was interesting

Actually something like this happened, Saif had gone to night club. Here Saif danced with two female fans, but angry with this, the boyfriend of one of the two girls got into an argument with Saif and that girl’s boyfriend punched Saif. However, Saif did not allow this matter to go ahead, so that the matter does not reach the media. However, later Saif realized his mistake and apologized to Amrita Singh in front of the camera. Apologizing, he had said that he would try that such things do not happen any further.

Let me tell you, when Saif had his first meeting with Amrita Singh, he was just 21 years old and Amrita was 33. Today both of them have two children Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan. After the divorce, both the children live with Amrita Singh, but both of them see the responsibility of their children.

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