Which makeup is perfect for wedding party, know the difference between HD and airbrush makeup

Which makeup is perfect for wedding party, know the difference between HD and airbrush makeup

Airbrush Makeup: Makeup is most important for women whether they are going to any wedding party or their own wedding. If the makeup is not good, then the whole look gets spoiled, in such a situation women also do not refrain from loosening their pockets and spend a lot of money on makeup. But do you know which makeup can be most suitable for your skin? There are many types of makeup available in the market, such as HD to air brush, but what is the difference between the two and which one can be better for you, let us tell you.

What is airbrush makeup

First of all, let’s talk about air brush makeup, then this makeup is more long-lasting than other makeup, because air gun is used in it. Liquid foundation is poured into a chamber present in this air gun and it is sprayed on the face. This gives a flawless finish to the face and also provides complete coverage. Not only this, nowadays air brush technology is used for blusher, eyeshadow, lip color, eyebrow feeling, which stays for a long time.

Features of airbrush makeup

1. Airbrush makeup products use silicone, which fills in the hollows and fine lines of the face.

2. Airbrush makeup lasts longer than HD makeup.

3. Air brush makeup is perfect for those with oily skin, but it is not the right option for those with dry skin.

4. The costing of airbrush makeup ranges from 25000 to 50 thousand. It also depends on the makeup artist.

what is hd makeup

HD as the name itself suggests is High Definition. This makeup is specially done for good photography, because in front of the camera you cannot hide your facial flaws, but if you get HD makeup done, you can hide your facial floss and get a flawless skin. Can. HD Makeup gives a natural, blemish-free and even makeup look. HD Makeup’s products are coated with a light-diffusing coating. Makeup looks smooth, transparent and flawless when the light reflects off your face.

Features of HD Makeup

1. HD makeup is done with brushes and makeup sponges just like normal makeup. No special gun is used for this.

2. High end products are used for HD makeup, which are a bit expensive.

3. HD makeup lasts a little less time than airbrush, yet their lasting is from 12 to 15 hours.

4. HD makeup is slightly cheaper than airbrush makeup.

5. HD makeup is suitable for people with oily, sensitive and dry skin.

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