Home Tech Which one should you buy iPhone 13 or 14? Or is it wise to wait for the iPhone 15?

Which one should you buy iPhone 13 or 14? Or is it wise to wait for the iPhone 15?

Which one should you buy iPhone 13 or 14?  Or is it wise to wait for the iPhone 15?

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: Apple is going to launch new iPhone series every year. This year the iPhone 15 series will be launched in the market. The company usually cuts the price of the old one when its new iPhone model is launched. Whereas, the new model is sold at a higher price. Something similar will happen this year as well. If rumors are to be believed, then due to the top-end specification and new design, the price of iPhone 15 may go higher than expected.

In such a situation, the question becomes whether you should wait for the iPhone 15 or buy one of the existing models? Of the current models, we are talking about the iPhone 13 and 14. In this news, we will help you to choose one among all three (iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and upcoming iPhone 15).

First thing about iPhone 13 and 14

Both models iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 on the official website, the price of iPhone 14 starts from Rs 79,900 and the price of iPhone 13 starts from Rs 69,900. However, you will get the phone at a lower price on Amazon and Flipkart. If you see a low price list of the phone from Amazon or Flipkart, and the price of iPhone 13 and 14 is almost the same in the listing, then we recommend you to take the iPhone 14. However, if the price of the iPhone 13 is listed much lower than the 14, then you can take the iPhone 13 to save money. Except for some features, both have similar features. Apart from this, the look is also the same.

Overall, the iPhone 14 is for those who are ready to spend a little more money. But if you have a budget constraint, then iPhone 13 is for you, which is also available on various e-commerce platforms at very low prices.

Should I wait for the iPhone 15?

Look, if you have the budget to spend more, then wait for the iPhone 15. Apple can give a big upgrade in iPhone 15, because iPhone 14, iPhone 13 come with almost identical features. It is being said that Apple will bring dynamic island design for all iPhone 15 models this year as well as better specifications, due to which the price may increase more.

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