Home World Who did Taliban-like work in Ukraine? Read the full story related to beheading

Who did Taliban-like work in Ukraine? Read the full story related to beheading

Who did Taliban-like work in Ukraine?  Read the full story related to beheading

Russia Ukraine War: The year-long war between Russia and Ukraine is not ending. Many pictures of this fight of the soldiers of two European countries came in such a way that the people of the world trembled after seeing them. A gruesome footage has surfaced on a social media, in which a soldier’s throat has been brutally slit. The government of Ukraine says that the Russian army is killing Ukrainian soldiers like cannibals. President Zelensky said, ‘The Russian invaders crossed the limits of cruelty and beheaded their soldier alive’.

Ever since a video surfaced, Russian soldiers have been accused of behaving like hardline Islamic extremists, such as the Taliban, IS or Al Qaeda. Because, so far in the world only members of dreaded terrorist organizations like Taliban, IS or Al Qaeda have been seen brutally killing a human being by slitting their throats like this.

A video of a Ukrainian soldier being beheaded amid the Ukraine-Russia war was shared on the Internet by a pro-Kremlin blogger, and started going viral on social media on Tuesday, Aljazeera reported. In this video Russian soldiers are shown beheading a Ukrainian soldier.

Where did this incident happen, when was the throat slit?
In fact, the soldiers of the Ukraine Army wear a green military uniform and a yellow armband, and the person killed in the video was also wearing similar clothes. At the same time, the soldiers who killed him were in the dress of the Russian army. Who cut his head with a big knife. A loud scream is heard as soon as the knife is hit. Although, the location of this incident has not been known, those jawans are seen in a wooded area. Apart from this, the time when this incident was carried out is also not clear. The video appears to have been first shared by a pro-Kremlin blogger on the messaging app Telegram.

This said the President of Ukraine Zelensky
After watching this video, Ukraine’s President Zelensky said, ‘It was a barbaric attack. This violent act cannot be forgotten. And the Russian army is responsible for such acts. He said in a video message released on his official Telegram channel, ‘Every person, every leader should react to this. Do not expect that these incidents will be forgotten. After this Zelensky said that he would not spare the killers, they would be taught a lesson.

Angry Ukrainian officials
This video has angered high ranking Ukrainian officials. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called Russia “ISIS” on Twitter. [ISIL] He condemned the “heinous” act, calling Russia “accountable for their crimes” and called on the United Nations to take action against it.
Mykhailo Podolić, an adviser to Zelensky, said on Twitter that the new video proved Russia’s “bloodthirsty character once again”.

What did the UN say on the incident?
International leaders have also expressed concern over the video. EU spokeswoman Nabila Masrali said that if the incident was confirmed, it would be “another brutal example of the inhuman nature of the Russian invasion”. “The European Union reiterates its firm commitment to bring to justice all perpetrators and accomplices of war crimes committed in connection with Russia’s war,” he said. At the same time, the United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine said that this video is “shocking”.

A few days ago, another video was posted on pro-Russia social media channels, in which bodies of two dead Ukrainian soldiers were visible. And, the Russian soldiers were stumbling upon them.

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