World Happiness Fest brings inspiration and connection around the world

World Happiness Fest brings inspiration and connection around the world

World Happiness Fest Opening and Proclamation

World Happiness Fest Round Tables -Happytalismo

World Happiness Fest Round Tables -Happytalismo

World Happiness Fest Logo

World Happiness Fest Logo

Proclamation World Happiness Fest. City of North Miami Beach

Proclamation World Happiness Fest. City of North Miami Beach

The City of North Miami Beach Capital of Happiness in 2023

The only thing we ask of all the participants is to make a meaningful connection and co-create a new narrative, a new project to realize a world with freedom, consciousness, and happiness for all.”

— Luis Gallardo. Founder & President of the World Happiness Foundation

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, April 14, 2023/ — More than 196 speakers and experts, 102 facilitators, and 1640 participants gathered at the FIU (Florida International University) Biscayne Bay Campus in the City of North Miami Beach between March 23rd and the 25th to celebrate the annual largest and most diverse forum of happiness and wellbeing in the world that celebrates United Nations International Day of Happiness.

Changemakers, innovators, and experts from various fields gathered at the World Happiness Fest, drawing hundreds of participants from across the globe to learn about the intersection of peace and happiness.

Themed “Building New Narratives to Rising” featured panels, roundtable discussions, and physical activations to inspire business leaders, life coaches, and others to spark happiness in their work and life.

“We’re bringing people together to meet, share ideas, connect, and be inspired, “ said Sungu Armagan, associate teaching professor of global leadership and management at FIU Business and one of the event’s hosts. “All of us have the opportunity to do something really special.”

The three-day World Happiness Fest kicked off March 23 at the FIU Biscayne Bay Campus. Over 111 FIU faculty and staff from 12 university units shared their insight and tools for change or improvement.

“The Biscayne Campus exudes peace and happiness,” FIU President Kenneth Jessell said, welcoming participants on opening day. “We cannot be more proud to encourage and support wellness and happiness among FIU students, staff, faculty, and the community.”

Multiple activities took place to encourage participants to be curious, observe and make connections, such as Yoga, Kayaking, Rope Courses, Dancing, Boot Camps, Boat Tours in the Biscayne Bay, Curated Dinners, Bomb Fires at Oleta River State Park, Nature Bath Walks, Sound Healing, Standup Comedy, Movie Premiers such as Gratitude Revealed or Happiness Mock-tails prepared by students of the School of Hospitality.

The artist Silvia Parra created the activation Mandalas for Peace. All participants contributed to co-create a collective art installation merging the energies of peace and happiness to create a world with fundamental peace.

The format for the series of events required active participation. Each day began with a series of rapid roundtable sessions discussing the role of happiness in topics including blockchain, Web3, and sustainability. Participants moved to a new table and topic every 15 minutes at the sound of a gong.

Going deeper into the agenda, for example, Isabel Alfonsin-Vittoria, director of the Office of Employee Assistance at FIU, brought her expertise in mindfulness to her roundtable, “The Mindful Leader,” which she says is one of the most requested topics.

“Mindfulness has merged into the business world. It’s been studied for almost 35 years now,” said Alfonsin-Vittoria. “If you don’t manage your mind, you won’t get it to perform.”

At the “Bringing Joy Into The Workplace” roundtable, Marc Weinstein, clinical professor of global leadership and management at FIU Business, brought his perspective on bad bosses.

“People make assumptions about their managers. Most of them don’t have good training,” said Weinstein.

He added that creating a space for two-way conversations and “constructive confrontation” is essential, training individuals to disagree constructively instead of punishing people for opposing opinions.

Longer, in-depth discussions took shape at panels held after lunch each of the three days.

During the “Social Media and Technology: The Art of Building Conversations & Community” panel, moderated by Nancy Richmond, associate teaching professor of marketing at FIU Business and one of the event organizers, participants led the conversation questioning their possible addiction to social media.

“Belonging is a central part of the human condition,” said Richmond, adding that it’s essential to be mindful to connect in person. “Use technology to spark joy. This conference would not have happened without LinkedIn.”

As financial stability issues increase stress levels for many, Deanne Butchery, teaching professor of finance at FIU Business, moderated the “Peace of Mind through Financial Security” panel. Experts shared suggestions to increase savings, control spending and improve financial security.

“It’s incredibly difficult to focus on anything else without being secure,” said Chanel Rowe, managing partner at Uriel Law. “It frees up your mind when you’re not stressed about where your next meal or mortgage payment comes from.”

Looking at the future, Christy Sjoblom, a financial advisor at Pillar Wealth, highlighted two words as essential to financial wellness: self-control.

“You need self-control, as a business owner or an individual, to reach a higher level of self-actualization,” she said. “To have the means to move from a small house to that four-bedroom house; to leave your job and become an entrepreneur; to travel.”

Aside from panels and roundtables, participants could enjoy yoga, Zumba, kayaking, a boat tour of Biscayne Bay, and even a forest bathing walk along the natural preserves on campus.

“Happiness is in us; sometimes, we need somebody to guide us to get the ink out. That’s why we do World Happiness Fest,” said Luis Gallardo, founder of the World Happiness Foundation and the World Happiness Fest. “The only thing we ask of all the participants is that you make a meaningful connection and co-create a new narrative, a new project to realize a world with freedom, consciousness, and happiness for all.”

Proclamation by Mayor Anthony F. DeFillipo, and commissioners of the City of North Miami Beach:


WHEREAS, the World Happiness Foundation, along with Founder and President Luis Gallardo, has a goal, vision, and mission to realize a world with freedom, consciousness, and happiness for all and the need to start embracing the desire for positive change and transition to fundamental peace; and

WHEREAS, the World Happiness Foundation builds awareness about well-being and global happiness by striving to maximize everyone’s full potential and celebrates and elevates individuals and communities that make this planet a happier place; and

WHEREAS, the World Happiness Fest is the most diverse and polycentric event and forum regarding happiness to unite leading experts and passionate activists from the fields of health, business, education, technology, governance and public policy, religion, spirituality, media and communications, art, music, and sports; and

WHEREAS, the World Happiness Fest achieves to building new narratives to rising and finding the purpose and meaning of life while providing themes and topics with actionable information that will change and improve lives forever; and

WHEREAS, the International Day of Happiness, established by the United Nations General Assembly, is an annual celebration to make people around the world realize the vital and essential importance of happiness in their lives.

NOW, THEREFORE, We, the Mayor and Commission of the City of North Miami Beach, Florida do hereby recognize and honor the WORLD HAPPINESS FOUNDATION and the WORLD HAPPINESS FEST on March 23-25, 2023 at the FIU Biscayne Bay Campus for transforming lives through dedicated and devoted efforts, activities, programs, and sessions.


Speakers, Guides, and Artists included:

Luis Gallardo

Kenneth A. Jessell

Bill Hardin

Brian Schriner

Juan Carlos Espinosa

Sungu Armagan

Deepak Ohri

Nancy Richmond

Harley K. Dubois

Louis Schwartzberg

Pilar Sordo

Mavis Tsai

Laura Calderón de la Barca

Raj Raghunathan

Mohit Mukherjee

Loretta Breuning

Vandana Shiva

John H. Helliwell

Jeffrey Sachs

Saamdu Chetri

Treble In Paradise A Cappella

Natalia Montalvo

Gillian Mandich



Alicia Boymelgreen (Aron)

Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani

Ahmed Abdellah

Tatianna Adkins

Bayo Akomolafe

Nicolo Alaimo

Isabel Alfonsin-Vittoria

Priyanka Alluri

M. Hadi Amini

Matt Anderson

Suely Piraino Argianas

Julio Bague

Samantha Barquin

Honiara & Karen Barrios

Mayra Beers

Janine Benyus

Andrise Bernard

Erbi Blanco-True

Lourdes Botana

Emmanuele Bowles

Nicolas Boyon

Michael Burtov

Deanne Butchey

Digna Cabral

Carl J. Calleman

Alexia Camacho

Darren Cantrelle

Katherina Capra

Flavio Carrillo

Rodolfo Carrillo

Alex de Carvalho

Craig Chalquist

Dimitry Saïd Chamy

Andrea Chan

Aneel Chima

Harold Clayton

Roxana Corradino

Karen Costello-Wilder

Andrea Cuadra

Gianni D’Alerta

Suzanne Daigle

Sabine Dantus

Troy Davidson

Paula Dinaro

B.J. Duncan

Newton D’souza

Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood

Lisa Elsinger

Jose Faria

Steven Forrest

Valerie Freilich

Victor Gonzalez Galeano

Pedro Galvan

Víctor Hugo Rojas Garro

Cristian Gaviria

Anuradha Godavarty

Joan Marie Godoy

Leon Gomez

Mirna G. González

Emily Gresham

Marlene Groomes

Wendy Guess

Robert Hacker

Sarah J. Hammill

Alexis Harris

Maria Gilabert Hernando

Mónica López Hernando

Dr Paula Hopkins

Pilar Ibañez

Dr. Maria Ilcheva

Ye Ye Luisah Teish. Iyanifa.

Eugenio Jaramillo

Ilona Vega Jaramillo

Sri Sudarshan Jyotirmayananda

Christopher Kai

Tia Kansara

Jessica Kizorek

John Kominoski

Rob Krecak

Laura J. Kurtzberg

Izarbe Lafuerza

Nadleen Laleau

Scarlett Lanzas

Todd Lengnick

Arturo Leon

Lisa LeSuer

Joseph Lichter

Ivan R. Lopez

Meghan Hendley Lopez

Felipe Lopez

Sophie Loureiro

Sarah MacMillan

Niurca Márquez

Elizabeth Marsh

Nancy Martinez

Valeska Martins

Hernan Mayol

Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe)

Campbell McGrath

Rajiv Mehrotra

Geoffrey Meru

Emily Messina

Marya Meyer

Rafael Montilla

Dalismar Morales

Jessa de la Morena

Jenia Morrison

Jeremy Narby

Zoe Nikirk

Liliana Nunez

Megan Nyvold

Lauren Ortega

Silvia Parra

Latrice Payen

Tania Santiago Perez

Mihaela Plugarasu

Tonia Porter

Shakti Radhakishun

Arathi Ramappa

Jessica Ramella-Roman

Gregory Murad Reis

Rachel Ritchie

Jose Rocha

Laura Guren Rodriguez

Donald Roomes

Chanel Rowe

Kerry-Ann Royes

Sangeeta Sahi

Yovanka Sanchez

Michael Sani

Adriana Santos

Arun Sardana

Amelia D. Saul

Bernardo Scheinkman

Charles Scott

Henry Seltzer

Sunita Singh Sengupta

Christiana Serle

Sphurti Sewak

Nithya Shanti

Oren Shibi

Edith Shiro

Gladys Simpson

Jayati Sinha

Christine E. Sjoblom

Jason T. Smith

Rafael Soltero

Ellen Campos Sousa

Evelyn Spivey

Les Standiford

Lili Steiner

Alexander Stevenson

Michal Strahilevitz

Yulia Strokova

Roberto Suarez

Stephanie Sylvestre

Becca Tarnas

Richard Tarnas

Amny Acosta Then

Stephan K Thieringe

Sonam Tobgye

Satheesh Bojja Venkatakrishnan

John L. Volakis

Julie Marie Wade

James R. Webb

Amber Webber

Andreina Weichselbaumer

Marc Weinstein

Janelle Wisdom

Sabrina Woods

Heather Zoccali

Norberto Zylberberg

Paul Hamilton
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World Happiness Fest 2023. Miami


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