Home Fashion According to the report of ASSOCHAM, samosa is better than burger for health.

According to the report of ASSOCHAM, samosa is better than burger for health.

According to the report of ASSOCHAM, samosa is better than burger for health.

ASSOCHAM: Indian food is considered more beneficial for health than western food items. Related to this, the ‘Ministry of Commerce and Industry’ ASSOCHAM has released a report. Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal has presented a report on India Mines in Assocham’s program. The name of this report was ‘Indian Cuisine at Crossroads’. It has been said in this report that samosa is better for health than burger.

Let us know what other things were said in this report:

Read the information on the top of the sealed packet?

Assocham has also included a survey in its report. This survey has been done by visiting 12 populous cities of the country. More than 5 thousand people participated in this entire survey. In this, people were asked whether you read the information written on the packet of sealed products or do you have any information about it. So 40 percent people answered yes on this.

On the other hand, the people involved in the survey replied that they have eaten branded or non-branded packaged food at least once a month. Another truth has been highlighted in this survey that the consumption of non-branded to branded food in India is 1:3 ratio. At the same time, the consumption of non-branded food is high.

Expressed concern about non-branded mines

In this survey, 90 percent people said that they are well aware of the disadvantages of eating more sugar, salt and fat in food. Regarding non-branded food, 94 percent people said that there is a lot of concern about such food. Indian Food Committee should make some special rules regarding non-branded and unpacked food. It has also been said in the report that there should be a special check for such products. In comparison to Tier-1, the people of Tier-2 cities need to be more aware about food. Calories are less in Indian foods as compared to foreign food. Along with this, the benefits of the traditional cooking style of India have also been explained.

Why samosa is better than burger?

If we compare burger and samosa then both are junk food. But for your information, let us tell you that fresh things are used to make samosas. Whereas preservatives are used in burgers. Samosa is made of flour or maida and is fried in pure cooking oil. Along with this, cumin, boiled potatoes, peas, salt, chillies and spices are used. Whereas burger is made from packed spices. Burger can also be of several days. After eating which many types of damage can also happen. Maida is used directly in samosa, while yeast is used in maida to make burger batter. So that the bread becomes spongy. Apart from cooking oil, other oils are also used to make burger tikki.

Indian food plate is full of proteins and carbohydrates

It has been said in the report that the Indian thali is full of proteins and carbohydrates. It contains dairy products like chapatti, lentils, rice, green cooked vegetables, curd, buttermilk. Which is very good for your health along with filling your stomach.

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