Fly Mumbai-Goa At Rs 85: Flight Ticket From 1975 Makes Internet Nostalgic, See Pic

Fly Mumbai-Goa At Rs 85: Flight Ticket From 1975 Makes Internet Nostalgic, See Pic

The Indian aviation industry has come a long way since the beginning of the first airline in 1932. The industry has seen many changes over the years. Dealing with years of economic changes, inflation, and technological advancements, the aviation industry has witnessed a steady growth in the prices of flight tickets. Reminding the internet of the times when flight ticket prices used to be in double digits, a social media user shared a picture of an airline ticket from Mumbai to Goa that dates back to 1975 and came at a cost of Rs 85.

The picture shared on Twitter gave the internet waves of nostalgia. The picture was shared on the social media platform with the caption saying, “Indian Airlines ticket from 1975. Bombay to Goa for ₹85!” The picture showed an old, worn-out ticket along with the boarding pass. The old boarding pass had a faded red color with the details of the journey inscribed on it. 11/2/975 read the date on the boarding pass.

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The flight ticket reminded social media users of the past, and many came into the comment box to share the memories of the old times. One of the social media users said, “Well, l remember Bombay to Goa Rs 435/- in the year 1988 Sept.” Following the trail, a netizen said, “I remember Mangalore to Bombay being 280 rupees- and 140 rupees for an 8 year old child in 1974 when I first went.” Similarly, one of the social media users commented, “Bombay to Ahmedabad 1982 Rs 200.”

Tweet With Flight Ticket Form 1975

Indian Airlines

The boarding pass and the ticket in the picture belonged to Indian Airlines. The carrier has been a crucial part of the Indian aviation industry, with its foundation back in 1953. In order to serve all domestic and certain short-haul foreign destinations, the airline was established alongside Air India. Before its 2007 merger with AI, the airline had been in business for more than 50 years.

The carrier began operations with a diverse fleet that it acquired from the other airlines that made up its parent company, including 74 Vickers Vikings, DC-3s, and DC-4s. A loss of competition was a trade-off for the airline’s ability to increase frequencies on several routes and add additional cities thanks to its huge fleet. For more than 50 years, Delhi served as India’s focal point, while Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and other cities were also important.


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