Home News Business Hindenburg’s report on Adani was not correct, this veteran investor said a big thing

Hindenburg’s report on Adani was not correct, this veteran investor said a big thing

Hindenburg’s report on Adani was not correct, this veteran investor said a big thing

For the Share Market, this year is proving to be full of explosive news since the beginning. In the first month of the year, American short seller Hindenburg Research made the first blast by bringing a controversial report about Adani Group. That report caused huge damage to the Adani group. Although many analysts and experts believe that Hindenburg’s report was not correct. Now the name of another veteran investor has been added to this episode.

Mobius said this big thing

Mark Mobius, an experienced investor and founder of Mobius Capital, believes that Hindenburg had exaggerated concerns about the Adani group in his report. He said that the report released by Hindenburg Research in January regarding the Adani group cannot be called completely correct. Mobius said these things in a recent interview given to an English newspaper.


Talking to Business Today, Mobius said, I believe that maybe Hindenburg exaggerated everything about Adani. He had his reasons. When you short a stock, you want all the bad signals about it to come out. But I do not believe that the Hindenburg report was entirely correct and on target.

everyone already knew

The founder of Mobius Capital further added that there was no such thing in the report of Hindenburg Research, which was not already known. Whether it is about the involvement of the Adani family in the business of the Adani group or about the huge debt, all these were known to the people even before the Hindenburg report came out. Everyone knew that the family was involved in business. There was no secret about it. Some other things, which were brought to the fore considering them as revelations, were already known to the analysts. The fact remains that the level of debt was very high, and this was also known beforehand.

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The report made such an impact

Hindenburg Research released its report on Adani Group on 24 January. This report came at a time when the FPO of Adani Enterprises, the flagship company of Adani Group, was about to come after three days. In the report, many serious allegations were made against the Adani group. After that, heavy selling was seen in the shares of Adani Group for the next one month. Due to this report, Gautam Adani slipped from the third position in the list of the world’s richest people and dropped out of the top-30.

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