I will live in this country, I will die here,’ know why Aamir Khan said this?

I will live in this country, I will die here,’ know why Aamir Khan said this?

Aamir Khan On India Statement: Talking about the most powerful actors of the Bollywood film industry, the name of superstar Aamir Khan will surely be included in it. Aamir Khan is quite famous for his amazing acting. However, on many occasions, due to his controversial statements, Aamir has been seen in trouble. But do you know that once Aamir Khan got embroiled in a controversy over his statement that he had left the country. After this, Aamir had talked about living and dying in the country.

Aamir said this about the country

In fact, in the year 2015, Aamir Khan, in an interview given to the Indian Express on the issue of intolerance, had said about wife Kiran Rao’s concern for the children, fear in the country and leaving the country. After this, Aamir Khan appeared on Rajat Sharma’s show Aapki Adalat and while clarifying his statement said that his statement was presented in a wrong way. Amir said in your court that-

I will live in this country and die here only. During that time, keeping in view the future of the children, my wife spoke emotionally. I am the only such actor in the industry. Who does not have a single house outside India. Whatever I have, two-four houses are in India only, so why would I leave India. My statement was misinterpreted and exaggerated. In this way, Aamir broke the silence on his statement regarding India.

Everyone is waiting for Aamir’s next film.

Last year, Aamir Khan’s most awaited film Lal Singh Chadha failed to garner a huge audience in theatres. Aamir’s Lal Singh Chadha proved to be a flop badly after the Boycott Bollywood trend on social media. In such a situation, now everyone is waiting for Aamir Khan’s next film. But Aamir has not yet given any update regarding his upcoming film. That’s why there is confusion everywhere that which film will Aamir Khan be seen doing in the future.

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