If you also hold urine for a long time, then know its serious disadvantages

If you also hold urine for a long time, then know its serious disadvantages

Side Effect Of Holding Pee: Many times, due to busy work and lack of facilities during travel, people hold urine for a long time. We or you must have done this sometime or the other. But do you know that doing so can make you sick later. This has a negative impact on the overall health from the problem of bladder leakage. Let’s know about some serious harm caused by stopping urination.

UTI UTI is a common problem in women as well as in men, which occurs due to many reasons. One of these reasons is also to stop urination. By not urinating on time, bacteria get a chance to grow, which can also reach inside the bladder. This infection can cause many serious diseases when it increases. In such a situation, it is very important to pass urine on time. If you also have the problem of UTI again and again, then urinate on time and consume sufficient amount of fluid and water.

urine leakage The problem of leaking urine often occurs with old age people, when they are unable to control urine. But if you hold urine regularly, then the pelvic floor becomes weak and this problem of leakage can arise with you even at a young age. Due to stopping urine regularly, the bladder starts to weaken, due to which the problem of urine leakage occurs.

kidney stone-Minerals called uric acid and calcium oxalate are present in urine. In such a situation, if you hold urine for a long time, then it can cause kidney stone problem.

Bladder stretching- Repeatedly holding urine for a long time stretches and weakens the muscles of the bladder, due to which a serious problem like bursting of the bladder can be faced after a long time.

kidney disease Due to stopping urine, there is pressure on the kidney, which can become the root of serious kidney related problems in future. Apart from this, the habit of holding urine for a long time causes pain in kidney and bladder. After passing urine, the muscles of the bladder get stiff, due to which the problem of pelvic cramps occurs.

urinary retentionYou may also have the problem of urinary retention. this is the case when Bladder is not able to empty completely. In this, you may have pain and discomfort and difficulty in urinating.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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