If you make reels on Instagram, now you are going to have fun, many great features come together

If you make reels on Instagram, now you are going to have fun, many great features come together

Instagram Update For Content Creators: You all must be using Instagram. Some people will be creators on it and some people will be its viewers. Meanwhile, Meta has added some special features for the creators on the app, which is going to make your work a lot easier. If you are a person who makes a lot of reels on Instagram, then definitely read this article till the end because the company has launched many great features together.

These are all new features

The first update from Meta on Instagram is that now creators will be able to easily find out about trending audio and hashtags. Along with this, the creator will also be able to see how many times the reel has been created on the trending audio. For this, a separate section will be given on the company app.

After the new update, Instagram creators will be able to edit the reel easily. Actually, now when you select the reels to post on Instagram, then in the edit window you will get the option of audio, sticker, text, all together and you will be able to edit the video easily.

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The company has also made the reels inside better than before and two new options have been added to it. First total watch time and second average watch time. Now the creator can see both these types of time on his reels, so that he will get a better understanding about his content, which type of content people are watching more.

In the new update of the app, content creators will also get a new type of notification. In fact, now whenever a new follower will follow the content creator’s reel after watching it, then the creators will get a separate notification that this follower has turned up from the reel.

-‘Gift on Reels; The feature has also been expanded by the company and now it has become live for the users of Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand and UK. That is, now if a person sends a gift to the content creator’s reel, then the creator will be able to see it and by reacting to the heart emoji by the creator, the person will come to know that the content creator has seen his gift.

Instagram has launched these new updates globally which will gradually start rolling out to everyone. Although some of these features have not been launched by the company in India.

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