Japan’s prime minister narrowly escapes explosion during speech, evacuated safely

Japan’s prime minister narrowly escapes explosion during speech, evacuated safely

Japan News: Big news is coming out of Japan. Here there was a loud blast in the meeting of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. However, Kishida is ejected safely. According to Japanese media reports, a pipe-like object was thrown near Kishida. In the case, a person has been detained at a port in Wakayama, western Japan.

A video of this incident has been shared on Twitter by news outlet BNONews. It can be seen that the first media persons and other people gathered in Wakayama are seen running after a loud explosion. The 19-second footage shows media persons and others running from the spot where Kishida is also reported to be. There was smoke everywhere after the blast at this place.

The blast happened just before starting the speech

According to the media, an explosion-like sound was heard at the spot. Immediately PM Fumio Kishida was covered at the blast site. People gathered at the spot also started running here and there. At the same time, The Japan Times reported that there was a blast in Wakayama city just before the Prime Minister was about to start his speech.

Police declined to comment

There was no immediate official confirmation of the incident, with local police refusing to comment. National broadcaster NHK also showed footage of a man being taken into custody by the police amidst the crowd at the scene. Earlier in July 2022, former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shot dead during a campaign event. Since then Japan has increased security.

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