Karan Johar talked about not giving work to Kangana Ranaut, the actress gave a befitting reply on the viral video

Karan Johar talked about not giving work to Kangana Ranaut, the actress gave a befitting reply on the viral video

Kangana Ranaut on Karan Johar: Actress Kangana Ranaut, known for her outspoken opinion, has been continuously targeting Bollywood. She has often been taunting Bollywood’s famous director Karan Johar. At the same time, the actress has once again targeted Karan Johar regarding an old interview. Kangana has shared an interview clip of the filmmaker in which Karan Johar can be heard talking about not giving work to Kangana.

Karan talked about not giving work to Kangana
Karan Johar’s old video clip shared by Kangana is becoming quite viral. Karan can be heard saying in the clip, “When she (Kangana) says ‘movie mafia’ what does she mean because what do they think we are doing. Sitting and not giving them work? What That makes us mafia? No, we do it of our own free will. I do it because maybe I’m not interested in working with him.”

Kangana accused Karan of making fun of her
During one of her previous media interactions, the actress replied to this statement by saying, “How Karan made fun of me on the IIFA stage. He said how am I unemployed and looking for a job? I mean look at my talent and look at my movies, I mean really?”

Kangana shared the edited video on Insta
The fan page of the actress shared an edited video of these two clips and wrote, “Wait for the epic reply of Mafia Johar Kangana.” Sharing this on her Instagram story handle, Kangana further wrote, “Chacha Chowdhary thank you for these petty outbursts, I will get them on your face when I establish myself as a film maker and producer.”

Kangana accused Karan Johar of threatening her
Last week, Kangana shared another post accusing Karan Johar of threatening her. Later, sharing a poem in Hindi, Kangana mocked him and wrote, “There was a time when Chacha Chaudhary along with elite nepo mafia people used to insult and threaten me on national television because I could not speak English. Seeing his Hindi today, I thought, now only your Hindi has improved, let’s see what happens next.”

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