Katrina Kaif wanted to take revenge on John Abraham! Salman Khan gave Guru Gyan to the actress

Katrina Kaif wanted to take revenge on John Abraham!  Salman Khan gave Guru Gyan to the actress

Salman Khan on Katrina Kaif: Katrina Kaif has become a big star of the Bollywood industry. She now charges crores of rupees for doing a film. Katrina Kaif started her career in the year 2003 with the film Boom. After this, she was cast opposite John Abraham in the film Saya in the year 2003, but she was again replaced by Tara Sharma to Katrina. At that time Katrina felt that John Abraham had got her replaced.

Salman Khan mentioned this incident in the TV show Aapki Adalat. He also revealed that Katrina Kaif wanted to replace John Abraham in the film New York, but the actor refused to do so.

Katrina Kaif cried for three days

Salman Khan told in the show, ‘John Abraham had removed Katrina from a film long ago. I remember Katrina was crying. I had to bear all this for three days. I felt that she would become the biggest actress of the country and why is she crying. I said that one day you will laugh at this, then he said that you can speak like this. You are Salman Khan, you are such a big star, so you will not feel anything like this.

Salman Khan gave this advice to Katrina

The actor further said, ‘Katrina said that my career was ruined. How can someone kick me out? Then this film (New York) came. They said John is in it. I said so? Anyone can be inside the film. You are doing the film because of the script. Any co-star. He said that he had got me fired from the film. I said that today you are in such a position that you can do this. You are the friend of the director and the friend of the producer. They can replace them, but that is not the right thing to do. He understood my point and then worked with John. The film became a big hit.

John Abraham told the whole truth

Giving clarification in this matter, John Abraham had said, ‘Jism was not released when we were shooting Saya. At that time I was a newcomer and in today’s date and even at that time, I never asked my directors and producers to remove this heroine. At that time I was thinking how to handle myself. The next day when I went to the set, I asked the producer and director where Katrina had gone, they told that she has been replaced.

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