Sandhya Mridul was struggling with social anxiety, to stay confident, the actress started a bad habit

Sandhya Mridul was struggling with social anxiety, to stay confident, the actress started a bad habit

Sandhya Mridul Talking About Social Anxiety: Actress Sandhya Mridal recently revealed that she was a victim of social anxiety and was battling it for a long time. In such a situation, she had become addicted to drinking alcohol. His lost confidence used to come back after drinking. In such a situation, she used to take the help of alcohol to boost her confidence. According to the report of HT, she told that in the beginning she felt that maybe she does not like these social gatherings, due to which she feels uncomfortable.

The actress had got used to this thing

According to the report, he also revealed that this thing of his was considered as arrogance. She also said that drinking had become her habit, due to which she used to feel confident, in such a situation, she realized that it was a problem, after which she overcame this habit.

He told that he had found his comfort in alcohol. In such a situation, he now made up his mind to talk about this issue on social media. He further said- ‘Many people have no idea that social anxiety really exists. In my case it was taken as my arrogance. Because I’m a celebrity. I should be strong in this matter, should be ready in public because it is my job. But I have gone through this situation.

‘Erogenes mistook my pain’

He further said- ‘Initially it was very strange for me. So I used to think that maybe I don’t like to go out, because of this I am feeling like this. But my hands and legs used to shake, there was nervousness. Before going to the event, a worry used to haunt me. In such a situation, I used to feel that I should not go. This used to happen to me, whereas I look very extroverted. My situation was such that people used to judge me because my image was of a cool girl. I look very strong.’

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