‘Scam 1992’ actor Hemant Khare asked for work with folded hands, tweeted this request

‘Scam 1992’ actor Hemant Khare asked for work with folded hands, tweeted this request

Hemant Kher Asking Work: The truth of the film world is that if you have work today, it may not be there tomorrow. Means nothing can be said when what will happen here. The one who is successful today may become anonymous tomorrow. At the same time, some celebs are also seen pleading on social media to ask for work.. Scam 1992 actor Hemant Kher has also taken the support of Twitter to ask for work.

Hemant Khare asked for work by tweeting his hand
Actor Hemant Khare, who has been looking for work for a long time, has also posted on his official Twitter account requesting for work. He wrote, “It is a humble request to all writers, directors, casting directors and creators that please consider me for a role in your stories/films/series/short films. I am full of enthusiasm and excitement to explore myself as an actor. He has also posted a hand folded emoji.

Hemant tweeted and wrote ‘in order to work How Shame!’
Hemant Khare followed this tweet with another tweet and wrote, “It took a lot of thought and strength to do this but as all my seniors and gurus have said ‘what a shame to ask for work!’ That’s why I expressed what I felt. I am grateful to all of you for your support, suggestions and retweets. Thank you very much.”

,Bhola, Writer reacted
At the same time, after Khare’s tweet, he is getting many comments. Amil Kiyal Khan, who contributed to films like ‘Bhola’ and ‘Runway 34’, wrote, “Noted.” Means Amil can consider giving work to Hemant Khare in his upcoming project.

Hemant Khare has appeared in some films
Please tell that Hemant Khare has worked in some films and web series. He played the role of the principal in Salman Khan’s production film Notebook. He also appeared in Bobby Deol’s film Love Hostel and also worked in a Gujarati web series named Azad.

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