Home Health Scorched face in summer? Use these face masks made from potatoes

Scorched face in summer? Use these face masks made from potatoes

Scorched face in summer?  Use these face masks made from potatoes

Potato Face Mask: Potato is a great vegetable which is made by mixing it with different vegetables in almost every household. But do you know that it can play an important role in enhancing your beauty along with the taste of your mouth. A face pack made of potato can help in reducing many skin problems. If you are troubled by the problem of pigmentation, wrinkles and skin dullness in the changing season, then we are going to tell you in this article how you can make a potato face mask and benefit from it.

Potato juice, tomato and honey face pack

Take potato juice, take tomato juice and add honey to it, take two spoons of all three ingredients, mix these three ingredients well, apply this mixture on your face, apply them well where there are pimples and from there Now keep this mask on the face for about half an hour, if the face mask goes away, then wash the face with plain water. For better results, use this mask twice a week.

Potato juice, lemon and rice flour

If there is pigmentation on the face, then you can apply a face made of potato on the face. To make this pack, take potato juice, lemon juice, rice flour and honey. Mix all the ingredients as required. Apply this mixture on the face, keep it on the face for about 15 minutes. Scrub the face in circular motion before washing the face. After this wash the face with plain water. This will reduce pigmentation and brighten the face.

Potato, raw milk and glycerin

Even if there are wrinkles on the face, you can get a solution to this problem with potatoes. For this you grate the potatoes. Add three spoons of raw milk to the grated potatoes and mix three to four drops of glycerin. Now mix all the three ingredients well. Apply the face pack around your face and neck. Wash your face when it dries. Using this mixture will not cause wrinkles, but will also improve and tighten the skin.

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