The story of ‘Anupama’ will change after a leap of 5 years, this actress will be discharged!

The story of ‘Anupama’ will change after a leap of 5 years, this actress will be discharged!

Anupamaa 5 Year Leap: Rupali Ganguly starrer show ‘Anupama’ is the number one show on TV, which keeps the audience engaged with new twists. These days many aspects are being shown in the story. After separation from Anupama-Anuj, the whole story has changed. Those who were wandering around being good, they are stabbing them in the back. Now the buzz is that the leap is going to happen soon in the show, which will bring another new twist in the story.

‘Anupama’ will take a leap of 5 years

It is being said that there will be a leap of five years in ‘Anupama’, in which not only Anupama but also Anuj’s life will change. Anupama and Anuj are living separately. Maya, Vanraj and Barkha together have created so much distance between Anupama and Anuj that they themselves do not want to come close to each other. In such a situation, after a leap of 5 years, Anuj and Anupama will be seen enjoying their lives separately.

This actress will be discharged from ‘Anupama’

As you can see, after snatching the dance academy from Anupama, she starts a new dance academy at her home. After a leap of five years, she will become a big businesswoman. His dance academy will become very popular. Whereas, Anuj will be happy with younger Anu and Maya. An actress will also be discharged from the show, who will be none other than Chhoti Anu. Younger Anu will grow up after the leap, in such a situation, Asmi Dev, who is playing her role, will leave the show. The fans are also very sad because of this.

Anupama’s latest track

It is being shown in the show that Barkha has joined hands with Maya due to greed for money and now she is plotting to separate Anuj and Anupama. He has also provoked Adhik, which has created a rift in his and Pakhi’s relationship. Barkha has also poisoned Dimple’s mind, because of which she first snatched her dance academy from Anupama and now she has turned Samar against the Shah house.

Samar and Dimpy are going to get married. Everyone refused to take his responsibility and now Anupama also refused to take his responsibility. Samar is furious and now he will leave Shah house. Anupama will now leave the worries of the family and concentrate only on her career. The upcoming episodes are going to be quite interesting.

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