Traveling friends wrongly sentenced to prison after being caught with 40 kilos of coke

Traveling friends wrongly sentenced to prison after being caught with 40 kilos of coke

Two friends who traveled from Brazil came to Europe for a round trip; they would travel to Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic. But their luggage suddenly turned out to contain 40 kilograms of cocaine. Brazilian couple Katyna Baia (44) and Jeanne Paolini (40) arrived in Frankfurt and were unjustly imprisoned in Germany for more than a month before they were released this week. Research has revealed that the two girlfriends have nothing to do with smuggling.

Unable to prove their innocence, they were arrested on suspicion of international drug trafficking. They were transferred to a prison in Germany. However, they claimed to know nothing about the drug trade.

The veterinarian and the fitness coach booked their tickets months in advance and didn’t have the profile for drug smugglers. Next to these facts, the color of their luggage also differed from the one they checked in.

However, investigations by the Brazilian federal police showed that the girlfriends were innocent as security cameras at São Paulo airport showed that airport staff had tampered with their luggage tags. Airport staffers exchanged their suitcases with two other suitcases containing the 40 kilos of coke.

After the evidence also reached the German authorities, they decided to release the friends. Meanwhile, the Brazilian police arrested the baggage handlers involved. They would have ties to a drug gang.

Jeanne and Katyna spent 38 days in prison. ,Finally this nightmare is over,” Jeanne’s mother responded to Brazilian media. The two have since been reunited with their families, who had already flown to Germany.


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