Home World Violence in Sudan: Khartoum reverberated with firing, people in trouble, India issues advisory

Violence in Sudan: Khartoum reverberated with firing, people in trouble, India issues advisory

Violence in Sudan: Khartoum reverberated with firing, people in trouble, India issues advisory

Sudan Violence News: The countries of African continent have become in a state of civil war in Sudan. Here in the capital Khartoum on Saturday (April 15) fierce firing and explosions took place. Bloody clashes are taking place between the Sudanese Army and the paramilitary ‘Rapid Support Force’. Due to the violent action, there has been uproar across the country. The death of many people is being feared.

Flights have been stopped at Sudan’s international airport. In such a situation, it will be difficult for the foreign nationals living there to leave. According to media reports, many planes have also caught fire. There are also reports of attacks on the army headquarters and the central defense ministry in Khartoum. Gunshots are heard from many buildings.

  • Government of India issued advisory
    The Indian Embassy in Sudan has issued an advisory amidst the infighting in Sudan. The Embassy said on Twitter, “Alert to all Indians… In view of the firing and clashes in Sudan, all Indians are advised to exercise extreme caution, stay indoors and move out with immediate effect.” Shut down. Please also remain calm and wait for more information.”
  • People living in Sudan are asking for help
    A young man named Surendra Yadav living in Sudan requested the Government of India for help. He tweeted, “We are 13 Indians staying at Hotel Kanan, 15th Street, Khartoum, please let us know how we can come to India.”
  • Violence erupted like this, the situation of civil war
    The reason for the dispute is said to be the demand to include the Rapid Support Force in the army. It is reported that the Sudanese army wants that the Rapid Support Force (RSF), which comes under the paramilitary force there, should not be included in the army. At the same time, RSF gives itself the status of army.
  • RSF captured many places
    News agency Reuters reported that the Rapid Support Force (RSF) attacked military bases in South Khartoum and claimed that they now have control there. The Rapid Support Force (RSF) said on Facebook that it had completely taken over key government sites in the capital Khartoum and some other cities.
  • Deployment of army at various places in the capital
    Amid growing tension in Khartoum, troops have been deployed at various places in the city. It has been said on behalf of the army that the security of the country is in its hands. Those who harm will be given a befitting reply.
  • Paramilitary forces entered the airports
    The group of Sudanese paramilitary forces says that many major areas of the country are under their control. They are located at the Republican Palace, Khartoum International Airport, Merowe Airport in the north of the country and the airport in El Obeid city of North Kordofan province.

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