Home World Why did army and paramilitary forces clash with each other in Sudan, will there be a big civil war?

Why did army and paramilitary forces clash with each other in Sudan, will there be a big civil war?

Why did army and paramilitary forces clash with each other in Sudan, will there be a big civil war?

Sudan At Unrest: The army and the paramilitary force ‘Rapid Support Force’ (RSF) have clashed in Sudan, a country in Northeast Africa. Due to this, a situation like civil war has been created there. According to reports, the RSF captured the military chief’s residence, the presidential palace and the capital Khartoum’s international airport on Saturday (April 15). The RSF claimed that the army had first launched an offensive and captured the northern city of Merowe and the air base in al-Obeid to the west.

In a statement given by the army, it was said that the RSF should not control other important government institutions, so the Air Force has started a campaign against it. The army has declared the RSF a rebel force. Planes have been seen in the sky of Khartoum in many footages on TV. The sound of firing was heard in many parts. Gunfire was heard near the army and RSF headquarters, and reporters from the news agency Reuters saw artillery and armored vehicles deployed in the streets.

Local doctors said that clashes also took place in residential areas and many civilians were injured. Meanwhile, many countries including India have issued advisories for their citizens living in Sudan. It has been estimated in the reports that about 1500 Indians live in Sudan. After all, what is the reason for the current condition of Sudan and whether there will be a civil war, let us know.

The reason for the clash between the army and the RSF in Sudan

Since the October 2021 coup in Sudan, a Sovereign Council has been running the country. The council is chaired by Sudan’s army chief, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, while its vice-chairman is held by RSF chief, General Mohammed Hamdan Daglo. The council wanted to make RSF a part of the army but the paramilitary force was not ready for it.

RSF asked to postpone this decision for 10 years. At the same time, the Sudan Army was adamant about the merger of the RSF within two years. The tension between the army and the RSF reached its peak last week over the same issue. The RSF had deployed its men near the army base in Merowe. If experts are to be believed, Sudan has started smoldering due to the ambitions of the top officials of the army and RSF.

How did Sudan reach this condition and what will be the civil war?

Significantly, in April 2019, with the support of democracy supporters, the army had ousted President Omar al-Bashir, who had been ruling for nearly three decades. In August 2019, an agreement was reached between the military and civilian political groups, stating that officials appointed by the military and civilian groups would share power. After this, in October 2021, the army staged a coup and stopped that agreement and arrangement.

Recently the talk of restoring the civilian government has come up again. Army chief Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan raised questions about the leadership of the unified army in the proposed civilian rule. He said that he was ready to talk to the second in command to resolve the dispute, but RSF chief General Mohammad Hamdan Daglo refused to talk.

Meanwhile, many western countries had also urged the top officials of the army and RSF to find a solution through talks. On Friday (April 14) there were signs of resolution of the situation, but suddenly tension flared up and a situation of conflict is being seen in Sudan. It is feared that if the situation in Sudan is not resolved, a civil war may break out.

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