Will Anupama throw water on Barkha’s conspiracies? Dimpy scattered the entire Shah house, these twists will come in the show

Will Anupama throw water on Barkha’s conspiracies?  Dimpy scattered the entire Shah house, these twists will come in the show

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: New twists are coming in the Star Plus show ‘Anupama’ every day. Because of these new twists, the show always remains at number one in the TRP list. Anuj and Anupama parted ways earlier in the show. After their separation, many characters showed their colors. Dimpy is also one of them. Dimpy first took away her dance academy from Anupama and now her son Samar will also be separated from her. In today’s episode, let’s see what happened in the show.

In today’s episode, it will be shown that Dimpy will cross all her limits. She will taunt each and every member of the Shah family, even Anupama. After the divorce is final, Dimpy comes to the Shah house to talk about marrying Samar. Samar also takes her side and gets ready for marriage. Baa gets angry and says bad things to Dimpy, but Dimpy also does not remain silent. She taunts everyone one by one. When it comes to the responsibility of who will take the responsibility of Samar and Dimple’s marriage, the entire Shah house refuses.

Anupama took a big decision

No one takes the responsibility of their marriage. Baa then says that they will not take Anupama as well. Dimpy does not even spare Anupama on this. She says that what responsibility will Anupama take, she herself could not handle two marriages. Due to this, he gets into a fight with Pakhi and then Baa calls Anupama and asks her about the responsibility. Anupama refuses to take responsibility for Samar and Dimpy. She also says that the child who has any problem should come to her house to meet her. Now she will not do more or less for anyone.

Will Anupama throw water on Barkha’s conspiracy?

Barkha is now trying her level best to grab Kapadia House and Empire. Earlier she joined hands with Maya to stop Anuj in Mumbai and now she is plotting to take Anupama away. Barkha goes to return all Anupama’s belongings in the Kapadia house.

Summer will leave Shah House

In the latest promo, it will be shown that Anupama refuses the goods brought by Barkha. However, Barkha plays a trick and calls Anuj to ask him. At the same time, Samar also announces that if no one is taking his responsibility, then he will not stay in the Shah house. Barkha is breaking three houses at once. She has not only started a fire between Pakhi and Adhik, she has also separated Samar from his family by provoking Dimpy and now she is separating Anupama from Anuj forever. Now it has to be seen whether she will be able to succeed in her trick or not.

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