’15 to 20 rounds of firing, my life was saved…’ Journalist recounts what he saw in the Atiq murder case

’15 to 20 rounds of firing, my life was saved…’ Journalist recounts what he saw in the Atiq murder case

Atiq Ahmed Shot Dead: Mafia Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf were murdered in police custody on Saturday (April 15) while talking to live media. A journalist present on the spot at the time of the incident told that the attackers had fired 15 to 20 rounds on Atiq and Ashraf.

A PTI journalist had arrived at the time of the incident to collect the bites of Atiq and Ashraf. He said, “Atiq Ahmed and his brother were brought for medical examination. We had come to take their bite. Atiq was giving statement when suddenly the attackers came in the security cordon and they fired several rounds at Atiq and Ashraf. Both Died on the spot.

After firing the attackers… – Journalist

The journalist told, the situation was so serious that one of my companions pushed me down which saved my life. He said, apart from him, some other journalists were also injured due to the incident. The journalist said, the attackers came posing as media journalists and opened fire on Ateeq and Ashraf. All the three attackers surrendered shouting slogans after firing and were arrested by the police.

How long will there be petty shooters… – Attackers

According to the latest update, the attackers told in the police interrogation that they wanted to become a big mafia, so they carried out the incident. He bluntly told the police, “How long will the small shooters remain. Big mafia has to be formed, so the massacre was carried out. However, the police are not yet fully trusting their statements and are investigating the matter. Police told All the three attackers have a criminal history, the details of where and what kind of cases are registered against them are being ascertained.

Alert in UP

At the same time, security has been tightened in Uttar Pradesh since the incident. Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) has been implemented in all districts to maintain law and order. Police patrolling is also being done in Ayodhya, Mau, Mathura and other districts of the state.

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