America already knew about China’s spy balloons! leaked secret documents

America already knew about China’s spy balloons!  leaked secret documents

Pentagon Document Leaks: Highly classified documents collected by the US Intelligence Department have been leaked. Those documents show that America came to know about China’s spy balloons. Apart from this, after Russia’s attack on Ukraine from February 2022 or amidst the increase in its attack, he also got a glimpse of the conspiracy being hatched by China regarding Taiwan.

On Thursday, US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officials arrested a member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, identified as 21-year-old Jack Teixeira, for leaking classified documents containing such important intelligence secrets of the US Department of the Pentagon. Done in Action is being taken by raiding his residence and confiscating the documents. Jack Teixeira used to work in the cyber security department. It is learned that Jack was also the leader of an online gaming chat group and had leaked the files in the gaming chat group itself.

A 21-year-old boy leaked the secrets of the Pentagon
According to British media reports, 21-year-old Jack will be charged under the Espionage Act. He has also shared classified documents revealing America’s military secrets as well as the relations of allies associated with them. Those documents show that the US knew of at least four such balloons from China, one of which was shot down in February on suspicion of espionage.

Jack’s actions led to the release of more than 50 documents labeled as “Secret” and “Top Secret” on social media in the months of February–March. These documents allegedly contain information about the military capabilities of some US allies and adversaries.

China agreed – the balloon was his
On the other hand, while China had accepted that the giant balloon which was shot down by America in February, that balloon was theirs, since then there is tension between China and America. Many western countries, including America, have accused China of spying through big balloons, but China has condemned the allegations of espionage. Condemning US suspicions of a balloon being used by China for possible espionage, Beijing-based Chinese Foreign Ministry said their balloon was collecting weather data and strayed towards the US I went.

America knew about 4 Chinese balloons
Now, leaked documents reveal that US officials were aware of four Chinese balloons, and that the balloons were flying in the sky only for spying purposes. According to the documents, a balloon flew over a US carrier strike group based in the Pacific Ocean, but the incident was not reported. Leaked intelligence also suggested that a second balloon had crashed in the South China Sea, and that US officials had many questions about the Chinese balloons shot down in February, which the Chinese claimed had been shot down. The government had to be asked.

The balloons were identified in the leaked documents as “Bulgar-21” and “Acardo-21”. An official of the US Intelligence Department told The Washington Post on the condition of anonymity that those balloons were named from A to Z.

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