Amid Amul vs Nandini controversy, Rahul Gandhi arrives at Nandini store, attacks PM Modi

Amid Amul vs Nandini controversy, Rahul Gandhi arrives at Nandini store, attacks PM Modi

Rahul Gandhi Karnataka Rally: After the announcement of Karnataka assembly elections on March 29, Rahul Gandhi visited the state for the first time on Sunday (April 16). During this, amid the Amul vs Nandini controversy, Rahul Gandhi also visited a Nandini store in Bengaluru. After which he tweeted, “The pride of Karnataka – Nandini is the best.” The Congress leader also targeted PM Modi through the Adani issue.

Rahul Gandhi reiterated that he is not afraid of the BJP-led government at the Centre. He said that it (BJP) thinks that by removing me from Parliament, threatening and scaring me. I am not afraid of them. Disqualify me, put me in jail, do whatever I don’t mind.

“Will help the people of Karnataka”

He said that Prime Minister, if you can give thousands of crores of rupees to Adani, then we can give money to the poor, women and youth. You helped Adani wholeheartedly, we will help the people of Karnataka wholeheartedly. We have made 4 promises to the people of Karnataka.

Rahul Gandhi said that the first is that 200 units of free electricity will be given to the family of every house. The second promise is that 2000 rupees will be given to every woman every month. The third promise is that 10 kg of rice will be given free of cost to every family every month. The fourth scheme is that Rs 3000 will be given to every graduate of Karnataka and Rs 1500 to diploma holder every month for 2 years.

“BJP government ate 40% commission”

The former MP said what work did the BJP government do in Karnataka? He ate 40% commission. To get the work done, the BJP government stole money from the people of Karnataka. Whatever he did he took 40% commission. I am not saying this, the contractors association has written a letter to the Prime Minister saying this. The PM did not reply to this letter. Not replying to the letter means that the Prime Minister has accepted that 40% commission is taken in Karnataka.

“Congress party is going to win the election”

The Congress leader also participated in the inauguration program of Indira Gandhi Bhavan in Bengaluru. During this, he said that I think most of us are aware of what BJP is doing for the country in terms of hatred, violence, attacks on institutions. These are the things that are visible to everyone. The nature of our country is under attack. Now we are facing elections in Karnataka and I am happy to see that there is very strong support in favor of Congress party. I believe that the Congress party is going to win the election.

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