Big statement of this leader of Bihar, told Pakistani conspiracy to Atiq Ahmed murder case

Big statement of this leader of Bihar, told Pakistani conspiracy to Atiq Ahmed murder case

Patna: The murder of Mafia Atiq Ahmed (Atiq Ahmad Dead) is in the headlines of the whole country right now. The Yogi government (CM Yogi) is on the target of the opposition regarding this. At the same time, a lot of rhetoric is also happening on this. Former state president of Bihar BJP (BJP) Sanjay Jaiswal said on Sunday that this incident is sad. The investigation was going on in the Atiq Ahmed case. The matter of Pakistani weapons was coming to the fore. The police have not yet received Pakistani weapons, so this incident may have been carried out in a Pakistani conspiracy, due to which the Pakistani weapons could not be received by the police.

Information was given about Pakistani weapons

Please inform that Atiq Ahmed had made many revelations in the remand copy. Atiq Ahmed had admitted that he used to get arms consignments from Pakistan. He had also confessed that he had no dearth of arms and kept buying weapons dropped by drones from Pakistan. According to the chargesheet, Atiq Ahmed had confessed that he could get money, arms and cartridges recovered, provided he was taken to those locations.

Atiq was killed in a rapid firing

Let us tell you that late on Saturday (April 15) Atiq and Ashraf were shot dead. Mafia Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf were being taken for a medical test in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, when they were attacked. Allegedly some bike riders opened fire on Atiq and Ashraf, due to which both of them died. After this incident, questions are being raised about the security of the police. At the same time, fierce political rhetoric has started on this incident.

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