Companies have done such work to reduce expenses, will not be able to stop laughing

Companies have done such work to reduce expenses, will not be able to stop laughing

Companies implement various measures to cut costs when conditions worsen. For the last few months, such a trend is also visible, when all the big companies are also taking many other measures including retrenchment to reduce the cost. Many times companies take such steps in the name of cost cutting that they look ridiculous. Today we are going to tell you about some such cases…

Here people told their experiences

Grapevine is a social media platform where people anonymously share their workplace experiences. In a recent discussion on this platform, many people from all over the world participated and gave information about the ridiculous steps taken by their companies to spend. These steps range from adding water to handwash to using Parleji instead of Oreo biscuits. that beer costs less

A user told about the marketing company Moingage that it had forbidden its employees from participating in the flagship event, so that the consumption of lunch plates and beer bottles could be reduced. Similarly, an employee of Amazon India told that the company had replaced the small dustbin kept with each employee and put a big dustbin on the floor.

fine for losing mouse

Some employees told that their companies had even taken donations from the employees to celebrate Diwali or any other festival. At the same time, an employee told that his company had recovered a fine of Rs 2,500 for losing a cheap Dell mouse, which was given to him by the company when he joined the company 7.5 years ago.

discarded napkins

A user told that his company had started diluting the handwash kept in the washroom by adding water to reduce the cost. On the other hand, users told about another company that it had stopped keeping napkins and asked the employees to use their own handkerchiefs.

Diwali Bonus Closed

Probably such incidents have happened with you too. For example, some users told that their company has disappeared the gifts given on Diwali to reduce the expenses, while some companies have stopped the Diwali bonus of their employees.

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