Does the heart really stop beating for a while while sneezing?

Does the heart really stop beating for a while while sneezing?

Sneezing Stop Heartbeat: Sneezing is a very normal thing. However, some people have a belief regarding this that whenever there is a sneeze, the heartbeat stops for some time. But is it true or just a myth? Sneezing usually begins with a peculiar tickle in the nose first. After this, a sudden sneeze comes out, which shakes the whole body. During sneezing it seems as if the heart has taken a short break from its functions.

Many people feel that the heartbeat stops while sneezing. Although this is not at all the case. When you inhale before sneezing, the pressure in your chest increases. After this, as soon as you exhale forcefully during sneezing, the chest pressure decreases. Due to these pressures, there is a change in the flow of blood, which can affect the heartbeat. However, it is not that your heart stops beating while sneezing. While sneezing, the electrical activity in the heart continues without stopping.

When does sneezing come?

Actually there is a thin membrane called ‘mucus’ in the nose. Both the cells and tissues of this membrane are very sensitive. When a particle of dust comes and sticks in these tissues or cells while breathing, then a strange tickling starts in the nose, which causes sneezing. Any kind of irritation in the nose can cause sneezing. Irritation in the nose gives a signal to the brain and then the brain sends a message to the muscles to expel the dust particles that have entered the nose immediately. Just after this you suddenly sneeze.

Sneezing also occurs when spices enter the nose during cooking. Apart from this, sneezing occurs when dust particles go inside while sweeping. Whenever the membrane inside the nose feels uncomfortable about any particle, it immediately expels it through sneezing.

due to sneezing

1. Cold and cough
2. allergic rhinitis
3. dry nose
4. sinus
5. vasomotor rhinitis

ways to stop sneezing

1. to detect
2. consumption of honey
3. pinch nose

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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