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Europeans Plan to Travel in Early Summer to Avoid Crowds & Rising Costs – SchengenVisaInfo.com

Europeans Plan to Travel in Early Summer to Avoid Crowds & Rising Costs – SchengenVisaInfo.com

The latest report of the European Travel Commission (ETC) has revealed that a large part of Europeans or 72 percent of them intend to make a trip between the months of April and September of this year.

The data provided by the ETC also shows that for 69 percent of tourists, leisure remains the main reason for travel, although the seven percent drop during 2022 marked a possible slowdown in “revenge” trips after the pandemic, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

However, annual growth marked business trips of three percent, now accounting for eight percent of all destination trips.

In this regard, the President of ETC Luís Araújo said that regardless of financial concerns and high travel costs, Europeans remain eager to travel.

He also added that another encouraging thing is that a significant number of travelers choose off-peak summer trips to avoid overcrowding and peak prices.

“This positive trend supports sustainable destination management by spreading tourism flows more evenly. We advise destinations and businesses to closely follow these trends to meet the evolving needs of travellers,” President Araújo also noted.

Most Europeans Plan to Travel Off-Peak in 2023

Based on the ETC report, between April and May of this year, nearly 30 per cent of travelers said they intend to take a trip, which is an increase of six per cent compared to last year.

Meanwhile, 40 percent of respondents are thinking of traveling between June and October. On the other hand, only 23 percent plan to travel during August and September, which is a significant decrease of nine percent from 2022.

Such data also revealed that 59 per cent of respondents will make more than one trip in the coming months, followed by 35 per cent who plan to travel twice and another 24 per cent planning three or more trips. In addition, a total of 31 per cent travelers will make only one trip during the same period.

Regarding the age group, a percentage of 74 percent of Europeans over 25 show a high enthusiasm for travel. Meanwhile, the younger Gen Z crowd, comprised of ages 18 to 24, remains the most reluctant to plan a vacation (61 percent).

Further ETC figures have revealed that for 23 per cent of European travellers, the increase in travel costs due to inflation has remained a major concern, while for 17 per cent of them, personal finances have been a problem.

According to the same, this shows the reason why 51 per cent of Europeans have already made partial or full reservations for their next trip, which is an increase of eight per cent compared to last year.

Worries About Extreme Weather Add to Europeans’ List of Travel Concerns

A total of 18 per cent of Europeans choose a destination to travel to because of the pleasant weather, followed by attractive shopping at 17 per cent, lack of overcrowding at 11 per cent, the hospitality of local communities at ten per cent and seven per cent of European travelers mentioned extreme weather as a significant concern.

Another concern for 12 percent of Europeans is the war in Ukraine, mainly for the Swiss, Polish, Austrian, Italian and Dutch respondents.

Duration of Holidays for European Travelers the Same as in 2022

Same as last year, trips lasting between four to six nights remain the most popular. Another 22 percent plan to travel for more than ten nights.

ETC data reveals that 37 per cent of Europeans are now putting aside larger budgets of over €1,500 per trip, which represents an increase of seven per cent from 2022. Fewer female travelers or 19 per cent of Europeans, expect to spend more on travel the future than they usually do.

Among the preferred destinations remain France and Spain with eight per cent of Europeans intending to travel to each. The aforementioned countries are followed by Italy with seven per cent, Greece with six per cent, Germany with five per cent and Belgium, which enters the top ten list of preferred destinations in Europe.

, Tourism Received €572 Billion Gross Value Added Across EU in 2019


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