Home Tech Explainer: What Are New Changes In Instagram Reels For Creators?

Explainer: What Are New Changes In Instagram Reels For Creators?

Explainer: What Are New Changes In Instagram Reels For Creators?

New Delhi: Meta has announced major changes in Reels segment of its photo and short video sharing app Instagram to make it more sustainable and lucrative for creators. The company is working to monetize its short-video reels and allow creators to earn a percentage share from the revenue on the platform.

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“We strive to make Instagram a home for creators like you to express your creativity, connect with your audience and earn a living. Today we’re announcing improvements to Reels — to empower you to do what you do best,” Meta wrote in the blog post.

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Find Out What’s Trending On Reels

Instagram now let creators to discover fresh content ideas by adding a dedicated destination for them to be inspired by the latest trends. Creators will be able to see the top trending songs on Reels, see how many times the audio has been used, tap in to use it or save the audio for themselves.

They’ll also be able to see what the top trending topics and hashtags are on Reels to inform your own content. For example, festival season might be trending earlier than you think.

Making It Easier To Edit Reels

Meta announced to improve Reels insights to help creators better understand how their content is performing. It added two metrics: total watch time and average watch time – and making it easier to see their insights while viewing their reels directly.

“Total watch time captures the total amount of time your reel was played, including any time spent replaying the reel. Average watch time captures the average amount of time spent playing your reel, calculated by dividing watch time with the number of total plays. For example if your average watch time is 17 seconds, out of everyone who watched your Reel they watched an average of 17 seconds. This will help you better understand where people are being engaged or where you may need to create a stronger hook to have viewers stay longer,” Meta blog added.

Improving and Expanding Gifts on Reels

Meta is expanding the gifts feature to other countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand, and the UK.

This new feature will show you which fans have sent you a gift so you can recognize your supporters. If you tap the heart icon next to your supporters, they’ll get a notification that you’ve seen and recognized their gift, providing an even stronger sense of connection between you and your fans.


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