Fierce fire in Dubai’s residential building, 16 people burnt alive, four Indians were among the dead

Fierce fire in Dubai’s residential building, 16 people burnt alive, four Indians were among the dead

Dubai Building Fire: A massive fire broke out in a residential building in Dubai on Saturday (April 15). A total of 16 people died in this fire accident. It also includes at least four Indians including a couple from Kerala. The media of Dubai gave this information on Sunday (April 16).

Gulf News reported that the Dubai Civil Defense Operations Room received a call about a fire in a building in Al Ras, the old area of ​​Dubai, at 12.35 pm on Saturday. According to the information received, a massive fire broke out on the fourth floor of the building and started spreading to other areas.

Civil Defense Headquarters team reached the spot
A team from Dubai Civil Defense Headquarters reached the site of the fire and started evacuating the people living in the building. Teams were also called from Port Said Fire Station and Hamriyah Fire Station. According to newspaper reports, the fire was brought under control at 2:42 pm (local time).

Pakistanis and Nigerians were also included in the dead.
Quoting Naseer Vatanapalli, an Indian social worker present at the Dubai police morgue, the newspaper reported that four Indians, including a couple from Kerala, have been identified among the victims. Vatanpalli said that so far we have been able to identify 4 Indians. Out of this, a couple from Kerala and two men from Tamil Nadu are involved. These people used to work in the building. At the same time, 3 Pakistanis and a Nigerian woman are also included in those who died.

lack of security in the building
Vatanapalli said that he is trying to get in touch with the Dubai Police, the Indian Consulate in Dubai and other diplomatic missions and friends and relatives of the victims. A spokesman for Dubai Civil Defense said that preliminary investigations showed that the building lacked adequate security requirements. It has been said that the authorities are conducting a comprehensive investigation to provide a detailed report on the cause of the fire.

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