GHKKPM: Virat reached the hospital to find Sai, crossed all limits – raised his hand on Dr. Satya!

GHKKPM: Virat reached the hospital to find Sai, crossed all limits – raised his hand on Dr. Satya!

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Latest Episode: The show Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein has become very interesting at this point of time. In Ghum Hai, Sai has run away from Virat’s house with her daughter Savi. Virat had locked both of them in the room. In such a situation, now the mother and daughter have run away by jumping from the balcony. Virat has felt this like a shock. In such a situation, now Virat is looking for Sai from door to door. Here Sai has come to know that Virat has united heaven and earth to find Sai and Savi.

Sai turned the phone to the police commissioner

In the show, Sai comes to know that Virat is looking for her here and there, in such a situation, Sai calls the police commissioner and tells the whole matter and requests that Virat should not be able to use his power personally. In such a situation, orders are issued for Virat. Virat is very upset now.

Virat reaches the hospital, quarrels with Dr. Satya

Now Virat has reached the hospital, where he has caught the collar of Dr. Satya. Dr. Satya jokingly calls Virat an idiot, in which case Virat becomes offensive. Now an atmosphere of quarrel arises between Virat and Satya. When Sai comes to know about this, Sai becomes more angry. Now what will happen next in the show? Is Virat’s madness increasing beyond limits? In such a situation, is it right for Sai to run away from Virat? Sai’s departure leaves Virat devastated, is this good for Virat and Sai’s relationship? It will be very interesting to know, because gradually Sai is seen getting closer to Dr. Satya in all these situations. In such a situation, is luck trying to bring these two together? You will know only after watching this show.

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