Good news for snapchat creators, many new popular songs added to sound library

Good news for snapchat creators, many new popular songs added to sound library

Snapchat Expands Sound Library: After Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the application which is famous all over the world today is Snapchat. Through Snapchat, people share their daily routine with their fans or friends. In the app, people post a story or video which remains for 24 hours. Privacy is a bit better in Snapchat as compared to other apps as here chats are automatically deleted and photos are also removed after viewing. Meanwhile, a big update has come out regarding the app. If you are a social media influencer or a popular creator, then this update is going to be of great use for you.

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More than 363 million users world wide are active on Snapchat every day. The company has signed a new contract to further improve the user experience, under which Snapchat’s sound library will be increased. That is, you will get new songs in the sound library, which you will be able to use in a story or video. The companies with whom the company has signed these contacts include US based United Masters, Netherlands based BUMA/STEMRA and SUISA Digital Licensing AG. Under United Masters, you will find only a few selected songs in the Sound Library, whereas in BUMA/STEMRA and SUISA Digital Libraries, you will find new songs from local artists.

Ed Suh, Snapchat’s global music partnership head, said the company wants to provide users with a diversity of songs so they can better express themselves around the world.

So many snaps are captured in just 1 minute

You can get an idea of ​​the popularity of Snapchat in such a way that within just 60 seconds 24,30,555 snaps are captured around the world. Snapchat currently has a sound library of songs from major record labels and music publishers around the world, including Universal Music Group, Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Music Publishing, Warner Music Group, and Warner Chappell. Users make stories or videos on these songs.

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