Jaggery is healthy not only in winters, but also in summers! just use it in this way

Jaggery is healthy not only in winters, but also in summers!  just use it in this way

Jaggery Benefits For Health: Sugarcane is rich in nutrients. It contains plenty of iron, minerals, energy. There is a general belief that in winter the virtue acts as a medicine, whereas in the summer it can do harm. That’s why people like to eat jaggery less in summer. Health experts say that there is a myth among people about eating jaggery in summer. If jaggery is consumed properly in summer, it can be very beneficial. Iron, vitamins, minerals are found in it, as well as it works to strengthen the immune system.

These are the benefits of jaggery in summer

aid in preventing constipation

If you eat a piece of jaggery after lunch, it can provide a lot of relief from the problem of constipation. Jaggery repairs the digestive system in summer. Many digestive enzymes are found in jaggery. They work to give relief to the stomach.

seasonal viral relief

If jaggery tea is prepared and drunk in the morning and evening, it provides relief in seasonal cold, cough and fever. Eating jaggery in this way helps in avoiding flu.

cool the body

Jaggery also works to cool the body. To eat it, put jaggery in the vessel. Keep it for 2 hours to melt. Later add basil, basil seeds, lemon juice to it. It should be filtered and drunk. This helps in avoiding heat stroke and also keeps the body cool.

body gets energy

Jaggery also works to give energy to the body. If you are feeling weak, then eat a piece of jaggery or drink it as sherbet. This gives relief.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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