Maharashtra: 8 people died in Bhushan award ceremony, 300 fell ill due to strong sunlight

Maharashtra: 8 people died in Bhushan award ceremony, 300 fell ill due to strong sunlight

Maharashtra Bhushan Award Ceremony: There was chaos at the Maharashtra Bhushan Samman ceremony on Sunday when 300 people fell ill due to the scorching sun. Lakhs of supporters of social worker Dattatreya Narayan alias Appasaheb Dharmadhikari had reached the grand event. The program was organized in the 306-acre vast ground of Kharghar.

People started coming to participate in the program from Saturday itself. On Sunday, a crowd of lakhs of supporters gathered for the felicitation ceremony. Audio-video was also arranged for the convenience of Dharmadhikari supporters in the packed ground. The seating arrangements for the supporters were made in the open ground.

People falling ill at Maharashtra Bhushan Samman ceremony

Shade was not arranged to protect from the hot sun. People could not tolerate the scorching heat. About 300 people fell ill due to dehydration. People were admitted to the hospital for treatment. A revenue department official on duty said, “People complained of health problems like dehydration during the programme.

The sick people were immediately taken to 30 medical booths at the venue. Thirteen patients required specialized treatment. They have been admitted to private hospitals and the condition is critical.”

There was no shed to protect from the sun at the venue

Giving information, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has told that 8 people have died. Please tell that the Maharashtra Bhushan Samman ceremony started at around 11.30 am and went on till one o’clock. Union Home Minister Amit Shah presented the Maharashtra Bhushan Award to Dharmadhikari. Dr. Narayan is also known as Appa Saheb Dharmadhikari. Addressing the huge gathering, Amit Shah praised the work done by Dattatreya Narayan in the social sector.

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