On the murder of Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf, the opposition raised questions on law and order, know who said what?

On the murder of Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf, the opposition raised questions on law and order, know who said what?

Atiq Ahmad Ashraf Ahmad Killed: Mafia Atiq Ahmed and his brother were shot dead in Prayagraj at around 10 pm on Saturday night. Questioning the law and order situation in connection with the murder of mafia and former MP Atiq Ahmed and his brother and former MLA Ashraf on Saturday night, while the opposition demanded the dismissal of the Yogi government, the minister of the state government called it a “sky decision”. told.

State’s main opposition Samajwadi Party (SP) president Akhilesh Yadav questioned the law and order situation in the state regarding the murder of Atiq and Ashraf. He tweeted, “Crime has reached its peak in Uttar Pradesh and the morale of the criminals is high. When someone can be killed by firing openly amidst the security cordon of the police, then what about the safety of the general public? Due to this, an atmosphere of fear is being created among the public. It seems that some people are deliberately creating such an atmosphere.

BSP MP made this claim

Bahujan Samaj Party MP Kunwar Danish Ali claimed that UP is the culmination of Jungle Raj. He tweeted, “This cannot happen without a signal from above. In any other democracy, the state government would have been dismissed for such a heinous crime against the rule of law.

Jayant Chowdhary said this

Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) president and MP Jayant Chaudhary also questioned the government regarding the sensational incident of the murder of Atiq and his brother. He tweeted “Is this possible in a democracy?” He used the hashtag Jungle Raj. Chowdhary also shared a video which shows the scene of the murder of Atiq and Ashraf.

He said, “No one has sympathy with Atiq as the culprit should be punished.” But whoever saw this video will question whether we are a democracy? Every criminal has the right to present his case in the court and he is convicted there. But you can see that he was killed in front of everyone in the custody of the police. Isn’t this Jungle Raj and shouldn’t Emergency be imposed in Uttar Pradesh?

Kapil Sibal said this by tweeting

Rajya Sabha member Kapil Sibal tweeted, “Two murders in Uttar Pradesh: 1- Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf, 2- Rule of law.”

Minister Suresh Khanna said this

On the other hand, UP Government’s Parliamentary Affairs and Finance Minister Suresh Khanna told reporters, “See, when there is an end to oppression or when crime reaches its climax, some decisions are taken from heaven and I think it is the decision of nature.” And there is no need to say anything about it. The rest, when the whole situation will come to the fore, then we will say.” He said,” When oppression increases, nature becomes active. She gives a decision in her own way and I think everyone should accept this heavenly decision. When Khanna was asked about Akhilesh Yadav’s statement, he said that the government tried in every way that the law- The system should be maintained and the Yogi government is committed to keep the law and order tight.

Water Power Minister Swatantra Dev Singh also tweeted

Swatantra Dev Singh, Water Power Minister of the UP Government, said in a tweet, “Sin and virtue are accounted for in this birth.”

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