Pic Showing Virat Kohli Giving ‘Death Stare’ To Sourav Ganguly Goes Viral – Know All About Their Rift Here

Pic Showing Virat Kohli Giving ‘Death Stare’ To Sourav Ganguly Goes Viral – Know All About Their Rift Here

The video shared by fans of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) cricketer Virat Kohli and Delhi Capitals’ (DC) director of cricket Sourav Ganguly allegedly ignoring each other at the end of the match is breaking the internet. The visuals clearly show Kohli and Ganguly not shaking hands with each other post the game. The RCB vs DC clash saw another moment in which Kohli, after taking a catch, allegedly gave a ‘death stare’ to Ganguly, who was sitting in the dugout. IPL fans are sharing the picture of the moment on Twitter, writing that tensions were high in the Saturday afternoon clash. The viral photo has seen many reactions coming from Kohli fans. Check out the pic and the reactions of the fans below.

The background of Kohli vs Ganguly

After Kohli announced he was quitting as Test captain of Team India in January 2022, one sensed that not all was fine between him and BCCI president Sourav Ganguly and the then chief selector Chetan Sharma. Kohli had already resigned as T20I captain a couple of months back. His resignation as Test captain was more shocking. Back then, Ganguly and Sharma had told the media that Kohli was asked not to quit as T20 captain. Kohli denied having received any such calls from the two at a press conference ahead of their departure to South Africa in January 2022. That statement from Kohli was enough to confirm the rift between him and Ganguly.

As per reports, Kohli was not happy with the split captaincy decision taken by the BCCI selectors. Sharma had reportedly called up Kohli to ask him to lead the T20 side while they were making Rohit Sharma the ODI captain. But the Delhi-born cricketer had made up his mind to not lead Team India in colored clothing anymore after this call. From this whole episode, one reaches to a conclusion that while Kohli was removed as the ODI captain by selectors, he quit as T20I and Test captain against the wishes of the former selector and president of BCCI.

Not to forget, Kohli’s decision to quit as captain came after India lost the series 1-2 to South Africa. The series loss may have a lot to do with his decision. Historically, the under-fire captains had to leave the position of power after a terrible overseas tour. Kohli seemed to have given up the tag of captaincy under the same pressure.

Ganguly too left the seat of BCCI president soon and as fate would have it, the both sat in different dugouts at the Chinnaswamy stadium on Saturday afternoon. Kohli, for the first time in years, had a wild celebration after scoring a fifty. One wonders what prompted him to do that even as Ganguly watched his innings from the DC dugout.


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