Swords drawn between North Korea and South Korea! indiscriminate gunfire at sea

Swords drawn between North Korea and South Korea!  indiscriminate gunfire at sea

North Korea South Korea Border: The enmity between North Korea and South Korea is not hidden from anyone. Now, due to the recent developments, a war-like situation has arisen in both the countries. Recently, there was firing in the sea between North Korea and South Korea, after which the situation has become tense.

In view of the tense situation, both countries have alerted their navies in the Yellow Sea. According to the South Korean army, a North Korean patrol ship forcibly tried to cross the North Border Line in the Yellow Sea.

A. Korea’s patrol ship forced to retreat

Retaliating to this, the South Korean warship fired warning shots and forced the North Korean patrol ship to retreat. At the same time, due to the continuous missile tests of dictator ruler Kim Jong Un’s country North Korea, there is a tense situation in both the countries. Whereas, Kim Jong has warned the neighboring country on South Korea’s maneuvers with America.

we fired warning shots

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff told that we fired warning shots to repel the North Korean patrol ship. Along with this, we issued a warning. North Korea violated the northern border line on Saturday (April 15).

Our army is ready for decisive battle

The Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a statement on Sunday saying that our forces monitor enemy movements in preparation for possible provocations regarding North Korean patrol vessels’ violations of the NLL. He said that the South Korean army is ready for a decisive war to face such situations.

According to the information, the North Korean patrol ship has infiltrated the border of South Korea when the tension has increased in recent days over the increasing military activities of dictator Kim Jong Un’s army. Let us tell you that North Korea has tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile on Friday.

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